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Famous Faces Lend Star Power To New York Climate Protest By Clip Syndicate Actors, philanthropists, politicians and climate experts joined the People's Climate March in Manhattan on Sunday, bringing even more attention to a protest attended by 310,000 people. From Mark Ruffalo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former Vice President Al Gore, the notable attendees had their portraits snapped and shared across social media.

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Rihanna -- Nude Pictures Leak ... Celeb Hackers Up The Ante By Clip Syndicate The celebrity hackers are back ... with a vengeance. The latest victim appears to be Rihanna -- despite the fact that a simple Google search reveals her boobs line the online landscape. Early Sunday AM two nude pictures that appear to be RiRi were leaked onto 4chan/Reddit ... one with a censored version of her breasts ... the other pic showing bare ass and slight nipple. They look like they were taken during some sort of fitting. ...Read More »
The “Oculus Platform” Marketplace For Virtual Reality Apps Coming This Fall By Clip Syndicate Oculus announced the “Oculus Platform” store for developers to distribute their virtual reality apps and experiences today at the Oculus Connect conference. Starting this fall on the Samsung Gear VR made by Oculus, this revamp of the Oculus Share marketplace will let users browse the Oculus Platform within virtual reality--and download apps, games, and entertainment experiences. ...Read More »
First IPhone 6 Drop Tests Show Mixed Results By Clip Syndicate Apple's two new iPhones went on sale Friday, so naturally the Internet responded by seeing how quickly they could destroy them. The new smartphones have been on sale less than 24 hours and the first wave of drop test videos are already making the rounds. The results are somewhat varied, but there are predictably tragic endings for some displays. ...Read More »
Apple's New Privacy Pledge Holds Up By Clip Syndicate In the letter, Cook obliquely attacked his recently designated top rival Google and promised Apple deeply respected the privacy of its customers’ personal information. Cook wrote, “A few years ago, users of Internet services began to realize that when an online service is free, you’re not the customer." “You’re the product. But at Apple, we believe a great customer experience shouldn’t come at the expense of your privacy.” That’s been a rallying cry of Apple fans for ages. ...Read More »
Twitter Overhauls Profiles On IOS In The 'Biggest Update To Date' By Clip Syndicate Twitter updated its iPhone app with completely redesigned profiles on Thursday. The new profiles emphasize users' bios, photos and favorited tweets — in addition to their own tweets. The company wrote in a blog post, "This is our biggest update to profiles to date." The redesigned profiles include three tabs: tweets, photos and favorites. The photos tab displays images you have tweeted, while favorites surfaces tweets you have favorited. ...Read More »
EU Regulators Agree On Guidelines For 'right To Be Forgotten' Complaints By Clip Syndicate European regulators have agreed on criteria for judging appeals for the "right to be forgotten", taking into account public profiles or crime for example, when search engines such as Google turn down requests to have information deleted from search results. But regulators made no mention of two thorny issues: whether search engines ought to inform publishers when articles have been delisted from search results, and whether links ought to be removed from all versions of Google, such as Google.com. The working group of EU data protection authorities aims to bring some clarity to implementing a landmark court decision in May that gave Europeans the right for the first time to ask search engines to erase information about them from the web.

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IOS 8 Brings Big Boost For Web Programmers By Clip Syndicate Web programmers rejoice: Apple's new iOS 8 has added support for standards that will let you build better games and more productive websites. Safari, the browser built into Apple's mobile operating system, now can run Web software written to use the WebGL standard for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and the IndexedDB standard for storing data that can be used even without a network connection. The first is good for Web-based games -- it can speed up 2D graphics, too -- and the second is good for tools like e-mail, word processors, or blog-posting tools for when people don't want to lose work when network access disappears on a plane or in a tunnel.

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Memoir Debuts A “Predictive” Photo-Sharing App For IOS 8 By Clip Syndicate Photo-sharing application Memoir launched last fall to make it easier to rediscover your photo memories through a combination of advanced search features and a time capsule-like function, is similar to competitor TimeHop. But one of the app’s more interesting features was a way to request photos from other users. Today, thanks to iOS 8, that option has now been improved. The company calls this new feature “Predictive Photo Sharing,” and, simply put, it’s a way to better automate sharing photos with friends who were with you at the time the photos were first snapped.

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EU Regulators Preparing Guidelines For 'right To Be Forgotten' Complaints By Clip Syndicate European regulators are working on guidelines for appeals from people whose requests to remove information from search results under their name have been turned down by search engines such as Google. The working group aims to bring some clarity to implementing a landmark court decision in May that gave Europeans the right for the first time to ask search engines to erase information about them from the web. The guidelines, which are expected to be finalised by the end of November, will set out categories to organize the types of appeals coming in from citizens and help authorities weigh the public's right to know the information with the individual's right to privacy.

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