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Smart Advice for Your Business Website By Nicole Altavilla for America's Backbone Weekly Discover what information is essential, but often forgotten, when it comes to small-business websites. ...Read More »
Turn Facebook Fans into Customers By Dana Lindahl for America's Backbone Weekly It??s a great platform to reach people on, but how do you translate ??likes?? into actual sales? ...Read More »
Find the Right Customer Support Solution for Your Business By Cheryl Lock for America's Backbone Weekly It??s easy to misidentify the right customer support for your unique small-business requirements. Here are some tips for how to find the right one. ...Read More »
Google Is Making Some More Noise About Google Wallet By Clip Syndicate Now that Apple Pay is here, you'll soon be hearing more about Google Wallet. Apple has garnered a great deal of attention this week for introducing Apple Pay, but Google Wallet, another NFC-based solution, has on the market for three years. According to Google's director of marketing for commerce Sherice Torres, Google is planning a couple of ad campaigns in the fourth quarter for its mobile payment system. It's still unclear whether the plan will include TV. Google has advertised Wallet previously; an inaugural ad from 2011 featured Seinfeld 's George Costanza and his overstuffed wallet.

 ...Read More »
Hands-On With The Nexus 6 And Android Lollipop By Clip Syndicate Smack dab in the middle of last week, Google announced two shiny bits of newness: the Nexus 6 phone, and the Nexus 9 tablet. Alas, both announcements came by way of blog post, rather than the standard fanfare-filled physical event — meaning no one actually got to touch the devices. But according to Tech Crunch's Greg Kumparak and Kyle Russell, these things are gorgeous. ...Read More »
Apple Addresses ICloud Attacks While China Denies Hacking Allegations By Clip Syndicate Without saying much, Apple appears to have sent a clear message to hackers: stop messing around with iCloud users in China. On Monday, a group that monitors online censorship in China accused the People's Republic of intercepting traffic between local users and iCloud.com in an attempt to steal their passwords. In a so-called man-in-the-middle attack, the Chinese government allegedly hijacked virtually all connections to iCloud.com from inside the country using a fake certificate. A day later, Apple appears to have thwarted the operation with a technical fix, though the company has neither mentioned China specifically, nor confirmed whether the change was a direct response to the attacks. But the company also put out a new support page that says it's aware of "intermittent organized network attacks," and warns users not to enter their iCloud username and passwords if they see a warning for an invalid digital certificate. The Chinese government has categorically denied any involvement in the hacking scandal.

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Microsoft Wants You To Doodle As You Scoot By Clip Syndicate If you own a Windows Phone, and you use Skype, and you are willing to update the Skype app on your Windows Phone, and you want to update the Skype app on your Windows Phone so that you can use the new Skype for Windows Phone feature, today is a pretty good day. Well, it is if you want to draw inside your newly updated Skype app on your Windows Phone device. Cuz that is what the update to the Skype app for Windows phone lets you do.

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Why Your Website URL Matters By Amy Beth Miller for America's Backbone Weekly From going beyond the .com to choosing a memorable domain name, here are the dos and don??ts of ensuring you have the right website address for your small business. ...Read More »
Small Business Research roundup Sept 20 2014 By Lotus Abrams for America's Backbone Weekly SMB owners?? have positive outlook, health insurance offerings, climate change ...Read More »
Executive Change Latest Hint Of Chrome-Android Marriage By Clip Syndicate A management shift inside Google points to the possibility that the company’s two operating systems will come together. Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s vice president of engineering for its Android mobile-operating system, is now also overseeing the engineering team behind Google’s Chrome operating system, which primarily powers personal computers, according to two people familiar with the matter. Linus Upson, previously the top engineer for Chrome, has left that role, according to these people. ...Read More »

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