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Video:  Amazon Offers Motor Trend OnDemand to Prime Members

Amazon Offers Motor Trend OnDemand to Prime Members

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TEN: The Enthusiast Network announced today the launch of Motor Trend OnDemand’s availability as an add-on subscription to Amazon Prime members. The subscription will be available beginning July 28, and continues to expand Motor Trend OnDemand’s cross-platform availability, having launched on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms on June 30, in addition to its pre-existing availability on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android and Roku devices as well as on the web. “TEN is Read More >>

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Business Issues: Content Insider #476 - Advocates

Content Insider #476 - Advocates

Marketing is Focused on the Masses Instead of Individuals

The industry once again has learned a new word and companies are rushing to be in on the action. It's called influentials and it means you pay someone to chat about, carry around, show off your product. Sure Warner Bros got in a little trouble when Pewdeepie played and told his millions of followers what a great game they had but that was just an oversight and "everyone really knew." But I just don't find some social media star as believable as the man, woman or kid who buys your product, uses it and tells friends, neighbors and people he/she chats with on social media. You know advocates - people who really like the product/service.

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Video:  Searching For Trump/Clinton Alternatives? Google Says You're Not Alone

Searching For Trump/Clinton Alternatives? Google Says You're Not Alone

Google says searches for "3rd party candidate 2016" have risen by more than 1,100 percent, showing many Americans are dissatisfied with their choices.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #475 - Marketing Types

Content Insider #475 - Marketing Types

Success Requires Team Leaders, Not Legends in Their Own Minds

With so many challenges, so many opportunities for companies today marketing isn't a function, title today it's everything the firm does. It's not just reaching out and tapping a prospect on the shoulder but more importantly it's tapping into what the customer wants, needs and provides feedback to the rest of the team. The function permeates every part of the organization and requires a complete team that can focus on all of the opportunities and issues. It requires an individual who can quickly/effectively communicate and expect his/her team to make the right decisions, do the right things for the good of the company. Consumers and organizations move too quickly today not to have the best team manager possible.

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Video: Did Pokemon Go bring AR to the iPhone?

Did Pokemon Go bring AR to the iPhone?

Pokémon Go has made us spend more time in augmented reality than on Facebook. But we've been using our iPhones for AR for a while now.

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Video:  Google Revealed 'Pokemon Go' 2 Years Ago, And We Thought It Was A Joke

Google Revealed 'Pokemon Go' 2 Years Ago, And We Thought It Was A Joke

When Google debuted a Pokemon ad on April Fools' Day, we thought it was just a joke. We might've been wrong.

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If you're upgrading your iPad Air to the iPad Air 2, one of the things you may not h Read More
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