Verimatrix Chief Strategy Officer to Showcase Self-Contained Application Security at Black Hat USA

CSO Asaf Ashkenazi Challenges Security Norms for Today’s Connected Devices by Explaining How Self-Contained Security Can be More Effective

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France & SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Verimatrix (Paris:VMX), a global provider of security and analytics solutions that protect devices, services and applications, today announced that Chief Strategy Officer Asaf Ashkenazi will showcase self-contained application security at Black Hat USA during a session on Thursday, August 8 at 11:35 a.m. in the show’s Innovation Theatre.

“Security and time-to-market have always been viewed as being in tension – you frequently feel you must trade off one to get the other; but what if there was a way to break that truism,” Ashkenazi said. “By changing the security model, the flexibility of a pure software solution can be realized without compromising security.”

Ashkenazi’s session is set to challenge the presumed norms of security and show how modern connected devices benefit from using application self-contained security technology.

With rampant reverse engineering and tampering activities that can lead to potentially devastating vulnerabilities, financial losses and data theft, today’s application developers seek an answer to ever-mounting cyber threats. Ashkenazi will explore answers to these threats in his session titled, “Who Needs Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)? Introduction to Application Self-Contained Security Technology.”

Compromised code can be used to bypass a service’s network protections, discover vulnerabilities in the service’s interface, and compromise the service itself. Rooted devices, hooking frameworks, debuggers, and emulators pose huge risks because they break down defenses that operating systems provide to the applications running on the device. Malware is often delivered by repackaging a legitimate application, which involves pulling apart an original application, adding code and republishing it to look and act genuine when it is really a trojan horse used by attackers.

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