Sequitur Labs’ EmSPARK Security Suite Implemented by Atonarp to Provide Device Security for Digital Molecular Solutions

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sequitur Labs today announced that its EmSPARK™ Security Suite has been implemented into the Atonarp ASTON mass spectrometer platform for in-situ semiconductor manufacturing to provide critical security functionality, intellectual property protection, and reduced time to market.

Atonarp is a developer of digital molecular profiling platforms and software applications for healthcare, semiconductor and other industrial markets. Aston for semiconductor metrology applications replaces multiple legacy tools for semiconductor in-process control, including dielectric and conductive etch and deposition, chamber clean, chamber matching, sub-fab safety and abatement and advanced EUV lithography.

The EmSPARK Security Suite provides Atonarp with a complete security solution including secure boot, secure firmware updates and device failure recovery. In conjunction with its partner Variscite, a leading worldwide System on Module vendor in the embedded market, Sequitur Labs helps deliver a complete security solution using the company’s i.MX8 based System on Module (SoM) to provide device security and protect AI (artificial intelligence) models on Atonarp products.

“While the Aston mass spectrometer delivers a purpose-built solution for advanced semiconductor manufacturing environments, we realized that we needed to significantly reduce product risk,” said Martin Mason, VP Product Marketing, of Atonarp. “Leveraging the EmSPARK complete security solution in conjunction with Variscite’s SoM architecture allowed us to achieve rapid deployment of shipping complete, secure mass spectrometers in only 4 weeks.”

Variscite is making every effort to provide its customers with the most reliable and highest quality products. The partnership with Sequitur Labs allows us to provide our customers with additional layers of software security for complete end-to-end services on our SoM solutions, said Ofer Austerlitz, VP Business Development and Sales at Variscite.

Sequitur Labs’ EmSPARK Security Suite was designed to address solutions in industries where embedded security is paramount, in particular, protection of AI models at the edge. Supporting security functions for encryption, storage, data transmission and key/certificate management are delivered by EmSPARK and housed in a microprocessor’s secure memory partition. IoT hardware manufacturers use EmSPARK to easily implement device-level security by addressing technical, IP, supply chain and business process challenges. Developers can easily build applications that use secure resources without having to become experts in cryptography and complex chip-level security technologies.

“Next-generation devices require next-generation security and EmSPARK was just the solution that Atonarp needed to build secure and trustworthy products,” said Philip Attfield, Co-founder and CEO of Sequitur Labs. “Their decision to leverage Variscite SoMs to reduce hardware complexity and achieve faster time to market was made exponentially better because we had already preconfigured EmSPARK to work on Variscite’s NXP i.MX 8M Plus architecture, streamlining the process and ensuring that devices are secure from development through their entire lifecycle.”

About Sequitur Labs

Sequitur Labs, named a top ten IoT market player by ABI Research, is developing seminal technologies to improve trust in a connected world, reducing the cost and complexity to build secure embedded and IoT devices. Sequitur’s products span a range of disciplines required for trusted computing, from boot through the full device lifecycle. Sequitur’s security solutions provide real business value to device makers, such as reducing BoM costs, protecting revenue by thwarting IP theft, improving product reliability and reducing liability, and improving device lifecycle management processes. To learn more about Sequitur Labs’ security platform, visit us at or send an email.

About Atonarp

Atonarp is advancing clinical diagnostics, life science research, semiconductor, and industrial process control through digital molecular profiling. Our Aston and ATON platforms harness the power of innovative spectrometry technologies with advanced analytics to generate real-time, actionable results. Our platforms can be applied to a wide variety of applications across multiple industries. In-situ, highly sensitive molecular metrology in advanced manufacturing processes means higher throughput, improved efficiency, and reduced waste. Our quantitative, multiplex chemistry-free diagnostic tests enable disease diagnosis and monitoring at the point-of-care, which can improve outcomes and patient satisfaction at lower cost.


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