Pitch Global Launches EURO Startup Day with participation from Govt of Hungary officials to Connect European Founders with US Investors

Program offers European startup founders access to Silicon Valley investors and relocation incentives, including priority access to US government-funded mentoring

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#EuropePitch Global, the leading events-based network of investors and entrepreneurs, today announced the launch of Pitch Global EURO Startup Day to help European startup founders connect with US investors. This hybrid in-person and virtual program also provides priority access to US government-funded mentorship for startups that relocate to Silicon Valley. Its inaugural in-person event launched at upscale Casbar Lounge during 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), while the ongoing virtual component is slated for April 1, 2022.

Pitch Global EURO Startup Day kicked off at its CES investor event. Seventeen startups, including 13 sponsored by the government of Hungary, presented to Silicon Valley investors during the event. The program’s virtual series will follow a similar format, featuring keynote speakers and judges from reputed investment firms. All presenting startups will meet one-on-one with a judge hand-picked based on investment interest, fostering collaboration and providing equal opportunity to all startups. Following its April 1 launch, virtual EURO Startup Days will take place regularly on the first Friday of each month.

Pitch Global’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) and Board of Advisors have strong relationships with Europe and its startup scene. Prominent board members with European connections include Laszlo Horvath, Managing Partner of Vespucci Partners, and Sasha Johnson, who co-founded Draper VTB Fund. Pitch Global has also formed strong bonds with European entrepreneurs and government officials such as Tibor Szabo, founder of San Francisco’s Foreign Lens Gallery, a leading European art and culture center, who hosted a private reception for all the Hungarian startups and Govt officials after CES. Mr Szabo has offered to help any European founders, investors or governments interested in exploring Silicon Valley and can be reached at [email protected].

Axel Tillmann, a longtime Pitch Global EIR and former U.S. CEO of R VC—an Eastern European Fund of Funds — said, “As an entrepreneur who relocated from Germany to Silicon Valley, I understand the challenges facing European founders during their transition to the United States. I’m delighted to lead this initiative and support other European founders in accessing US investors, whether the entrepreneur decides to relocate or not. After witnessing the strength and caliber of the Hungarian startups at our CES event, I’m confident that this program will facilitate strong connections for angels, VCs, CVCs, and startups alike.”

Participants in the CES EURO Startup Day included Hungarian startups Mindrove, Refilamer, Maxwhere, Mollia, IMM-Data, Bitninja, Munch, SMAPPLAB, DP Innovations, Skillx, Scraping Robotics, Scraping Robotics, Lockinvisible. More information and pictures from the event are available here.

Register for April 1 EURO Startup Day Event: “EURO Startups Present to CVCs/VCs/Angels from Silicon Valley”

The first virtual EURO Startup Day Event, “EURO Startups Present to CVCs/VCs/Angels from Silicon Valley,” will take place on Friday, April 1, 2022 at 9am PDT. To sign up or to learn more about this event, please visit this Eventbrite link. Pitch Global is also sponsored by TriNet, the industry’s leading PEO company.

Pitch Global CVC Co-Hosted Thought Leadership Series

In addition to EURO Startup Day events, Pitch Global provides a free platform for global CVCs, investors and entrepreneurs to meet, present and learn through its ongoing Thought Leadership Series. EURO Startup Day participants can take continued advantage of Pitch Global’s resources by attending this free virtual program, which connects startup founders with CVC funding and mentorship opportunities. Events take place every other Friday and are listed on Pitch Global’s Eventbrite page.

Founders with a location in Northern California can also participate in Pitch Global’s US government agency-funded mentoring program. The founder training combines CVC Thought Leadership events mostly co-hosted by CVCs, video recordings of live events, and entrepreneurial education self-study powered by BOSS Capital Partners via the following dedicated Pitch Global link.

To date, Pitch Global has successfully mentored 10 companies through its Northern California-based US government agency-funded mentoring program and has helped raise at least $1m each out of a total of $50m in the recent calendar year.

About Pitch Global

Pitch Global – where Innovation creates Funding – hosts premiere investor events and summits in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, London and virtually. For almost a decade, Pitch Global has provided a ready and expanded network for CVCs, VCs, and angels from reputed funds, and has helped connect investors and thousands of global entrepreneurs, of which many introductions have led to funding success stories. Pitch Global is also a satellite of an SBA-affiliated agency sponsored by the U.S. government to mentor startups with job-creation potential. Since Pitch Global’s participation, this mentoring program has doubled their total assistance in Northern California from $500 million in 2020 to $1 billion. Many of the companies which has presented at Pitch Global events or has been mentored by their EIRs have received funding – not just angel or venture funding but also non-dilutive like LOCs and Government Grants. https://pitchglobal.com/


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