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Feature: Portable Videoconferencing for Business

Portable Videoconferencing for Business

Amy Beth Miller for America's Backbone Weekly

Businesses of all sizes can now afford to connect quickly with customers, vendors and remote employees anytime and anywhere. Read More >>

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Video:  How will the new HTC One M9 challenge the iPhone 6?

How will the new HTC One M9 challenge the iPhone 6?

The HTC One M9 has been released, but what makes this smartphone stand out from the crowd? This new phone has a slicker, smarter design but its best specs appear to be its enhanced camera and speaker technology.

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Video:  Photographer Shrinks Mulder and Scully in Miniature 'X-Files'

Photographer Shrinks Mulder and Scully in Miniature 'X-Files'

Even though The X-Files was a geek culture staple of the '90s , its riveting plots and peculiar characters seem like they were made for the Internet, especially when you shrink them down to miniature size. Los Angeles-based Digital Producer and X-Files fan Tori , who chose to keep her last name stay anonymous, took on her nerdy side project, a series of photos called The Miniature X-Files Office , after being inspired by an X-Files -themed art show. Tori told Mashable, "At first, I started making the scenes just as an excuse to take pictures of the office. But then I realized these little silly scenarios were just as much fun."

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Video:  LG G Flex 2 Upgrades the Curved Phone, but It's on the Slow Side

LG G Flex 2 Upgrades the Curved Phone, but It's on the Slow Side

It looks like curved phones are here to stay. The first curved phones debuted in 2013, a product of flexible displays and the desperation of smartphone manufacturers to differentiate. The LG G Flex was among them. It was also a gigantic underpowered beast of a phone, and although its curved screen could turn heads, it couldn't turn a so-so device into a good one. Now comes the LG G Flex 2, which promises to upgrade the curved phone with better hardware and design that's closer to the mainstream.

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Video:  Olloclip: Still the Best Upgrade for Your iPhone 6 Camera

Olloclip: Still the Best Upgrade for Your iPhone 6 Camera

Olloclip has finally revealed its design solution for Apple's slimmer smartphone iPhone6. Like the 4-in-1 lens Olloclip released last year for the iPhone5, the company’s newest lenses -- selling for $99.99 for the Telephoto Lens and $69.99 for the Macro 3-in-1 Photo Lens -- are nothing like the old corner-mounted Olloclips. It’s clear that the iPhone 6 presented a significant design challenge for Olloclip. The solution is smart, if somewhat imperfect.

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Video:  Prynt Smartphone Case Prints Your Photos, Polaroid-style

Prynt Smartphone Case Prints Your Photos, Polaroid-style

It seems a lot of us would love to crawl back in time to an era when instant Polaroid photos were the height of cool. If Instagram filters aren't enough for you anymore, check out the Prynt camera case on Kickstarter. Prynt essentially turns your smartphone into a Polaroid-style instant camera so you can print out pictures and hold them in your hand, rather than show them off on the screen. Put the case on your phone, take a photo using the Prynt app and then collect the photograph from the top. You can also print out your social-media selfies, Instagram images and photos from other sources.

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CES 2015: Wet Speakers
This Bluetooth 3.0 speaker has both extraordinary sound and is shower proof! Its tough rubber exterior and splash-resistant shell makes it perfect foRead More

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