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Video:  How Alibaba's Transformed Swathes Of Rural China

How Alibaba's Transformed Swathes Of Rural China

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If you want to know why the Chinese government is keen on e-commerce giant Alibaba, look no further than Beishan - one of China's many "Taobao" villages - farming communities transformed thanks to new job opportunities created by Alibaba's consumer-to-consumer site of the same name. For years, the town was called "clay oven bread" village due to its long baking tradition. However, everything changed when e-commerce giant Alibaba was introduced. Entrepreneur Lv Zhenhong used to sell sesame buns, earning $8,000 a year. Today his company BSWolf generates $8 million in annual sales of outdoor gear. His $16 sleeping bags are a best seller on Taobao.

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Video:  GoPro's Extreme Maneuver

GoPro's Extreme Maneuver

Investors seem to love new gadgets. Apple, for instance, has seen its stock jump more than 34% in six-month period leading up to Friday's iPhone 6 launch. Then there is GoPro, the best-selling video-camera brand in the U.S., according to NPD. The company has said nothing of its next release—aside from Chief Executive Nick Woodman calling it "a big one." Investors have taken him at his word, bidding the stock up nearly 80% since he made that statement at an investment conference last month.

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Video:  Apple’s IPhone 6 Lets Users Ditch Compact Camera

Apple’s IPhone 6 Lets Users Ditch Compact Camera

It was bound to happen sooner or later: a smartphone would convince people that they no longer needed to carry around a powerful compact camera. The iPhone 6, and the even more photo-friendly iPhone 6 Plus is that tipping point. While on paper the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cameras don’t appear to have changed much from the version introduced last year with the iPhone 5s, there’s a lot more going on than is apparent from a cursory glance at a spec sheet.

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Video:  Border Patrol To Test Wearing Cameras

Border Patrol To Test Wearing Cameras

The U.S. Border Patrol will begin wearing cameras this year at its training academy, a test to see if the technology should be used in the field to blunt criticism about agents' use of force. R. Gil Kerlikowske, who has led the Border Patrol's parent agency since March, announced the plans Tuesday to a small group of activists who have pressed for cameras, according to a person who attended the briefing and spoke on condition of anonymity because the discussion was intended to be private.

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Video:  NASA Finds Tiniest Galaxy Has 'supermassive' Black Hole

NASA Finds Tiniest Galaxy Has 'supermassive' Black Hole

They say big things come in little packages. That may never be more true than with what astronomers have just discovered: A "monster" black hole hiding inside one of the smallest galaxies ever known. NASA said Wednesday that astronomers using its Hubble Space Telescope have found a new dwarf galaxy -- known as M60-UCD1 -- that "crams 140 million stars within a diameter of about 300 light-years, which is only 1/500th" the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy.

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Video:  The IPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) Go To Disneyland

The IPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) Go To Disneyland

Last week I decided to test the most secretive, hotly anticipated smartphones on earth in a place where there was no danger of them being recognized or damaged or both: Disneyland. There are a ton of reviews out there that have done meticulous work with benchmark apps, rulers and rectal thermometers to get you spec-based evaluations of the new iPhones. This is not one of them. I took a trip and used the junk out of them. I had some interesting realizations, I took some good pictures and I wasted some time in long lines playing Spider-Man. If this sounds like what you do on trips then you could find something useful here. Aside from any Apple employees who may have visited the park, I believe I’m the first to have ever used the new iPhones there.

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