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Video:  Prynt Smartphone Case Prints Your Photos, Polaroid-style

Prynt Smartphone Case Prints Your Photos, Polaroid-style

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It seems a lot of us would love to crawl back in time to an era when instant Polaroid photos were the height of cool. If Instagram filters aren't enough for you anymore, check out the Prynt camera case on Kickstarter. Prynt essentially turns your smartphone into a Polaroid-style instant camera so you can print out pictures and hold them in your hand, rather than show them off on the screen. Put the case on your phone, take a photo using the Prynt app and then collect the photograph from the top. You can also print out your social-media selfies, Instagram images and photos from other sources.

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Feature: Power Up Your Construction Site With a Cloud-Based Wireless System

Power Up Your Construction Site With a Cloud-Based Wireless System

With job sites lacking traditional infrastructure, its difficult to find a place to install Power over Ethernet switches.

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Video:  Google Plans to Launch Project Ara in Puerto Rico This Year

Google Plans to Launch Project Ara in Puerto Rico This Year

Google is closer than ever to making modular smartphones a reality. At the second Project Ara developer conference Wednesday, the company revealed its most advanced prototype yet for a modular phone, along with plans for a pilot program that will put its modular smartphones in the hands of consumers in Puerto Rico this year. Project Ara is Google's moonshot program to create a platform of modular smartphones. The idea is for users to be able to swap out individual components, like the battery, processor, or camera, without replacing the whole device.

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Video:  Sharp Promises 'reasonable Price' for New, Ultra-HD TVs

Sharp Promises 'reasonable Price' for New, Ultra-HD TVs

A senior executive said, Sharp aims to sell its latest, super high-definition TVs later this year at a "reasonable price," as the company tries to stay ahead of other consumer electronics makers offering 4K TVs. Sharp unveiled new high-resolution TVs, tentatively named "Beyond 4K" at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday. The TV screens will have 66 million sub pixels, or 42 million more than standard 4K TVs.

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Video:  CES: Drones, Virtual Reality and Sony Hack's Potential Impact

CES: Drones, Virtual Reality and Sony Hack's Potential Impact

The Consumer Electronics Association addressed some topics of vital interest to Hollywood during its CES opening press conference, Sunday in Las Vegas. This past year, Hollywood took a keen interest in the potential use of drones as a camera platform for production , and now the Consumer Electronics Association is projecting it could become a one billion dollar business by 2018. CEA chief economist and director of research Shawn DeBravac said this week's CES might in fact have more than 100 types of drones on display. And he projected that drones could represent 130 million dollars in global revenue during 2015.

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Video:  Sharp Raises the 4K Game With 'virtual 8K' TV

Sharp Raises the 4K Game With 'virtual 8K' TV

4K is everywhere at CES 2015, but that makes it common, not cool. Now there is 8K — a screen with four times the pixels of 4K, and Sharp just announced a TV that can display it… more or less. On the spec sheet, Sharp's set is a 4K TV. But there's some pixel magic going on: The TV is one of Sharp's Quattron models, meaning every pixel has four subpixels instead of the usual three, adding yellow to the red, green and blue trio. The set has a total of 66 million subpixels — 42 million more than a normal 4K TV, and all of those subpixels can be individually controlled. Similar to PenTile screens on some smartphones, Sharp's clever TV can allow pixels to "borrow" subpixels from their neighbors, increasing the overall sharpness. So.... Technically it's not actual 8K, which is why Sharp avoids the term. It's really "virtual 8K," but Sharp claims the set is the highest-resolution 4K UHD TV you can buy. And you can buy one later this year, at a price that has yet to be determined.

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CES 2015: Wet Speakers
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