Introducing Timescale Cloud: The First Fully-Managed, Multi-Cloud Time-Series Database Service

The easiest and fastest way to run production-ready time-series data
workloads across AWS, Azure, and GCP

the company behind the leading open-source time-series SQL database
TimescaleDB, announces the general availability of Timescale
, the on-demand and managed cloud service that makes it easy to
work with time-series and IoT data.

Timescale Cloud is the first multi-cloud time-series database service
that runs on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

[email protected] introduces Timescale Cloud: the first fully-managed,
multi-cloud, on-demand #timeseries database service.

Organizations who are working with time-series and IoT data face the
challenge of managing growing workloads within a unified solution.
Timescale Cloud is designed for simplicity, flexibility, and scale to
solve this problem. As organizations need change, they have the freedom
to deploy and migrate workloads across regions—on the public cloud of
their choice—with just a few clicks. This provides a consistent
experience for storing and processing time-series data, with greater
flexibility at just a fraction of the cost vs. using a single-cloud

Timescale Cloud Features:

  • Simplified operations that allow users to focus on working with
    time-series data and eliminate the headaches of managing a database.
    Timescale Cloud provides automated backups, point-in-time restore,
    monitoring, high availability, and more.
  • Highly flexible and configurable with a choice of compute and
    storage configurations, all available pay-as-you-go. Great for
    everything from developer projects to business-critical applications.
  • Scale with ease by growing, shrinking, or migrating workloads
    across configurations and clouds at any time. Fully managed production
    time-series deployments can be moved between regions and clouds
    quickly and easily.

Key Quotes:

Ajay Kulkarni, Co-Founder & CEO, Timescale

“Timescale Cloud amplifies the power of TimescaleDB by making it even
easier to use. TimescaleDB has always been about ease-of-use for
time-series data. From the beginning, we knew SQL was the easiest way
for developers to work with time-series data. Now, we are extending that
principle of simplicity by eliminating the hassle of managing and
operating a database, all while giving users the freedom to work with
the cloud service provider of their choice.”

Brandon Davis, Chief Technology Officer, Lavoro

“The Lavoro integrated platform solution required a database capable of
easily scaling to support our growing data volumes and historical and/or
real-time analytics. After evaluating a number of database solutions, we
selected TimescaleDB, which operates at the edge and in Timescale Cloud.
The flexibility of SQL and its broad ecosystem allowed Lavoro to easily
integrate TimescaleDB into our platform. Timescale continues to refine
its advanced support for time-series data management, which is a major
benefit for Lavoro customers today and into the future.”

Keegan McCallum, Head of Engineering, Colony

“We are consistently capturing and analyzing a lot of network data, WiFi
sessions, and DNS logs, which by nature have a time component. We were
very excited to find TimescaleDB because it provides advanced
time-series functions that can be used with SQL and is compatible with
our systems. Having TimescaleDB available as a managed cloud service
will make operations much simpler.”

Timescale Cloud is available to customers across the globe. For more
information, visit the website,
read the blog,
or register for the upcoming webinar.

By signing up for Timescale Cloud, users automatically receive access to
the features and capabilities in TimescaleDB Enterprise. To get access
today, sign up here.

About Timescale

Timescale develops TimescaleDB, the easiest, fastest, and most reliable
place to store and analyze time-series data. TimescaleDB is the first
open-source time-series database that is optimized for fast ingest and
complex queries while natively supporting full SQL. TimescaleDB is
deployed in production all around the world in a variety of industries
including IoT, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Logistics,
Retail, Media & Entertainment, and more. Based in New York, TimescaleDB
is backed by Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Icon
Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, and other leading investors. For more
information, visit
or follow @TimescaleDB.


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