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#1 As Apple Pursues Sapphire, Corning Says It Made Even Tougher Gorilla Glass

By Clip Syndicate Corning, whose Gorilla Glass is used iPhone displays, said it has developed a new version of the super-hard glass that aims to address broken or shattered screens from everyday drops. The new version of Gorilla Glass comes as Apple’s attempts to use sapphire in its iPhone screens have hit an impasse with the bankruptcy of its one-time sapphire partner GT Advanced Technologies. ...Read More »

#2 You Can Now Share Public Tweets Via Private DMs on Twitter

By Clip Syndicate Today in features you may not have know you wanted: Twitter is letting users directly share public tweets through its private direct messaging system. If tweeters copy and paste a tweet's URL into a direct message, it will now embed itself in the message for easier viewing. Previously, if you tried to paste the URL of a tweet into a DM, it would show up as a link. Though the new feature isn't a huge development, it saves you a click when privately sharing something in your Twitter feed; the update works on Twitter's web client, iOS and Android apps, and TweetDeck for Chrome, Windows and web. The move is a part of Twitter's larger effort to update its platform to be more user-friendly.

 ...Read More »

#3 Logitech’s New AnyAngle iPad Case Gives It A Surface-Style Kickstand

By Clip Syndicate Logitech is slowly but surely turning the iPad into a Microsoft Surface, which is good news for those who envy some of the Windows device’s productivity features, but not its software or overall form factor. The new Logitech Keys-To-Go feels a lot like the keyboard included in the Microsoft Type Cover, and now there’s a stand/case called the AnyAngle that essentially mimics the Surface’s variable inclination kickstand. ...Read More »

#4 Hands on With Snapchat's Money-sending Service, Snapcash

By Clip Syndicate Snapchat is no longer just for sending disappearing messages. The company announced Monday it was partnering with Square to allow its users to send money to each other with its new payments feature Snapcash. Right now, Snapcash is only available on Android — meaning users can only send and receive money from other Android users. Snapchat says the feature is coming to iOS soon. But assuming you're on Android, sending money is actually surprisingly easy. ...Read More »
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#5 AJA Announces Ship Date for the CION Production Camera

By none AJA Video Systems announced that the company has started accepting orders for the new CION production camera, with an anticipated initial ship date by the end of December. CION is both ergonomic and lightweight with unparalleled connectivity, and is capable of shooting at 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD resolutions direct to Apple ProRes or AJA Raw. For information on where to place orders, please visit http://www.aja.com/en/where-to-buy#wtb-cion for a list of AJA CION resellers. ...Read More »

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