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Apple Defeats GPNE's $94M Patent-infringement Claim

By Clip Syndicate Apple on Wednesday defeated GPNE in a patent-infringement trial, with a jury determining the electronics giant's devices didn't infringe mobile technology owned by the non-practicing entity. Apple, which called GPNE a patent troll, said in a statement that it was "pleased" by the verdict. GPNE sued Apple in 2011 over two patents related to technology for communicating across cellular networks. ...Read More »

You Can Now Watch All 552 Episodes Of 'The Simpsons' On Your IPad

By Clip Syndicate Good news, cable subscribers: All 552 episodes of The Simpsons are now available to stream online and on smartphones and tablets. Say goodbye to the rest of your work week. The Simpsons debuted on cable network FXX in August. Now, as promised, the FXNow streaming app has the first 25 seasons of The Simpsons available to view at your leisure. In addition to a special Simpsons World section of the FXNow app, SimpsonsWorld.com has the same content available. The portal offers fans a way to watch full episodes, see schedules of upcoming TV marathon airings, get behind-the-scenes tidbits and buy Simpsons merchandise.

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The IPad's Glory Days Are Over. Where Does It Go Now?

By Clip Syndicate Apple reported its fiscal 2014 fourth quarter results on Monday, and in a surprise to absolutely no one, iPad sales are down again. For the third consecutive quarter, iPad sales have declined year-over-year. On a call with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook positioned the decline in sales as a speed bump, not a huge issue. Still, Cook conceded that this isn't where Apple wants to be. Cook said, "We want to grow. We don't like negative numbers on these things." That need for future growth is probably one of the reasons Apple realigned its iPad offerings last week.

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Apple Pay Will Work Outside The U.S., But There's A Catch

By Clip Syndicate Although Apple Pay has only launched in the United States, it appears that you can also use it in other countries under the right conditions. Owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were able to begin using Apple Pay on their phones at merchants with contactless terminals on Monday. But various sites are reporting that the service works elsewhere, too. Apple Pay is not enabled by default in countries outside the U.S., even if the device is running iOS 8.1, but it's easy to turn on. ...Read More »

The Upgrade Gap: Apple's New IOS Problem In One Chart

By Clip Syndicate Somewhere in the infrastructure of Apple’s mobile ecosystem, something has broken. Last year, iPhone and iPad users upgraded in droves to the company’s new operating system, iOS 7. Just a week after its release, more than half had moved to the new system. A month after, more than 75 percent had made the jump. This year, the release of Apple’s newest mobile operating system, iOS 8, isn’t quite going like that. ...Read More »

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