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GOAL! Blackmagic Design Helps MLS Insider and Columbus Crew SC Connect with Supporters and Gain New Ones A hush falls over the crowd as tension mounts. The referee places the ball just 12 yards away from the goalkeeper, who gingerly sways from side to side, keeping his body loose in anticipation of the split second reaction time he has to make a save. The opponent readies himself, not wanting to give away which section of the net he's aiming for as he gets into position behind the ball. Fans hold their breath as the referee blows the whistle, the kicker launches the ball and the goalie dives... ...Read More »
El Paso artist wins national contest for movie poster By Clip Syndicate EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) - Bilbo Baggins and the cast of "The Hobbit" have come to life thanks to an El Paso artist. Michael Washer entered a contest to design a movie poster for "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies." He says he treated the acrylic painting more like watercolor and even used colored pencils. The final result took four days, but ultimately won first place in the competition, a competition judged by the legendary film director, producer, and screenwriter, Peter Jackson. "Peter Jackson is my hero because he was the only one was has ever been able to take this amazing world, created by Tolkein and turn it into a world in 2-dimension on screen. I didn't think it could be done. He did it so he's my hero. He judged the competition of the artwork, which to me is an amazing honor that he picked my piece," said Washer. Washer is headed to Los Angeles next week to see the poster memorialized at Grumman's Chinese Theater. He'll also get a to finally see "The Hobbit" in an IMAX theater, something he says he's been looking forward to for quite a while. ...Read More »
Grace Fellowship's A/V Grows from Humble Beginnings to the Future Based in York, PA, Grace Fellowship is a church with very humble beginnings. What started around a dining room table in 1989 has now grown into a thriving community of approximately 1,400. While Grace Fellowship has continued to grow in numbers, it has also grown in depth, and central to the church's growth has been helping people around the world to love and pursue God deeply. The ministry has a global reach through its innovative use of video and audio, and Michael Anthony's teaching ministry at Grace Fellowship and through Godfactor are key reasons why the church chose Blackmagic Design to upgrade its A/V equipment. ...Read More »
Documentary wraps on Uruguayan ex-president Mujica By Clip Syndicate Internationally acclaimed film director Emir Kusturica is wrapping up a documentary on Uruguay's former president José Mujica, known worldwide for his austere lifestyle and simple ways. Duration: 01:05 ...Read More »
Attacker shows no remorse over infamous Delhi gang-rape By Clip Syndicate The director of a new documentary about a fatal gang-rape in India that caused global outrage says one of the men sentenced to death for the killing showed no remorse during an interview for the film. Duration: 00:49 ...Read More »
How will the new HTC One M9 challenge the iPhone 6? By Clip Syndicate The HTC One M9 has been released, but what makes this smartphone stand out from the crowd? This new phone has a slicker, smarter design but its best specs appear to be its enhanced camera and speaker technology. ...Read More »
Tom Rothman on His Sony Era: "I Prize Stability" By Clip Syndicate The new Tom Rothman era at Sony Pictures Entertainment represents a potential sea change at a film studio that had — at least until quite recently — been known to be among the most talent-friendly and free-spending in town. When it comes to financial discipline, 60 year-old Rothman, is the diametric opposite of exiting SPE co-chairman Amy Pascal, who, it was initially announced, was to remain in her post until May, but who now will cede the job immediately.

 ...Read More »
Photographer Shrinks Mulder and Scully in Miniature 'X-Files' By Clip Syndicate Even though The X-Files was a geek culture staple of the '90s , its riveting plots and peculiar characters seem like they were made for the Internet, especially when you shrink them down to miniature size. Los Angeles-based Digital Producer and X-Files fan Tori , who chose to keep her last name stay anonymous, took on her nerdy side project, a series of photos called The Miniature X-Files Office , after being inspired by an X-Files -themed art show. Tori told Mashable, "At first, I started making the scenes just as an excuse to take pictures of the office. But then I realized these little silly scenarios were just as much fun."

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Bollywood's Longest-running Movie Returns to Screen By Clip Syndicate "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" was released in 1995 and is India's longest running film. But Mumbai's Maratha Mandir theater announced February 19th that the film's run would end. However, hundreds of fans expressed outrage and the romantic comedy has been brought back. The film has all the makings of a Bollywood blockbuster: a beautiful leading lady, an ukulele-toting hero and more than three hours of dancing across locations in India, London and the Swiss Alps.

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Michael Keaton Putting Away His Oscars Acceptance Speech Is The Saddest Video You’ll See All Day By Clip Syndicate As if watching The Imitation Game screenwriter Graham Moore recall his suicide attempt at the 2015 Academy Awards wasn’t a big enough tear-jerker moment already, a new Vine video of Birdman star Michael Keaton disappointedly putting away his Oscars acceptance speech will surely get the waterworks going. ...Read More »

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