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Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Review By IDG.TV Even with its design quirks, this 15.6-inch notebook is impressive: It packs in a 4K touchscreen display, quad-core CPU, and discrete GPU for just $1,500. ...Read More »
USB-C Explained: Why some devices are 5Gbps and others are 10Gbps By IDG.TV USB-C promise up to 10Gbps data transfer, but the first generation of USB-C devices arent as fast as they could be. Here's what to loo out for. ...Read More »
Windows 10 File History offers a simple backup solution anyone can do By IDG.TV The File History feature lets you set up an external drive to back up your files automatically. You dont need any extra software, and its very customizable. ...Read More »
PCWorld Show Episode 15: Phone-cam shoot-out, laptop fight, and Burning Man for the 1 percent By IDG.TV Jon, Flo, and Gordon talk iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S7 cameras, MacBook Pro vs. XPS 15, and if it's right to have a fully catered Burning Man without dirty hippies. ...Read More »
Why passwords fail end users By IDG.TV At the 2016 Interop show, Network World got a quick demo of Keeper Security's password management and vault app. The company's CEO, Darren Guccione, also explained why most password methods fail end users, and whether biometrics (beyond the fingerprint) will ever catch on as an authentication method. ...Read More »
Methods hackers use to attack DNS By IDG.TV At 2016 Interop, Cloudmark Engineering Director Angela Knox talks with Network World about several different ways that hackers go after DNS as part of other malicious attacks. Knox explains the methods for DNS ID hacking, spoofing, cache poisoning, exfiltration/tunneling, and DNS amplification. ...Read More »
Ethernet's future goes fast and slow By IDG.TV At the 2016 Interop show, David Chalupsky from the Ethernet chats with Network World about its six new data rates and 2016 Ethernet Roadmap. Chalupsky also explains why the networking standard is not only getting faster, but slower for some particular applications and use cases. ...Read More »
Camera Shootout: iPhone 6S vs. Galaxy S7 By IDG.TV Which flagship smartphone has the best shooter? We set out onto the gritty streets of San Francisco to find out. ...Read More »
'Being Charlie': Rob Reiner opens up about working with his son By DMO Affiliate Rob Reiner is one of Hollywood's most successful directors, responsible for some of the industry's most popular comedies and dramas. But his latest project tackles the more personal issue of substance abuse and rehab. Reiner says of his son, who is one of the screenwriters of the film and battled substance abuse himself, "What I didn't understand was the depth of what he was going through". ...Read More »
Watch as we follow Google's new self-driving car By IDG.TV The new cars are on public streets around Google's headquarters in Mountain View, and we caught up with them. ...Read More »

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