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Origins Debuts “On The Road With Origins” Documentary Short By Clip Syndicate NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Origins, a beauty brand powered by nature and proven by science, debuts On the Road with Origins, a short film chronicling a creative journey across three continents, exploring local cultures and uncovering the remarkable power of nature. Documented by visual storytellers Ann Street Studio, the film follows four-time cookbook author, Candice Kumai, and travel writer, Kim Mance, on a 13-day, 30,000 mile journey in search of the powerful anti-aging ingredients found in ...Read More »
Busan Market To Launch Talent Agency Presentations By Clip Syndicate In addition to hosting a forum for top East Asian talent agencies to share their management know-how , Busan's upcoming Asian Film Market will give these companies the opportunity to promote their stars. Top regional agencies, including South Korean giants JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment, will take part in an event dubbed "Star Line-Up" on Oct. ...Read More »
Beyoncé And Jay Z Play Outlaws On The Run In "Bang Bang, Part One" Short Film By Clip Syndicate Talk about starting off with a bang! Beyoncé and Jay Z have released the first video from "Bang Bang," a three-part short movie trilogy they created with director Dikayl Rimmasch. The trilogy was first shown during the couple's On the Run tour. The "Bang Bang" shoot took two days. Rimmasch says, "Just before we started shooting on the first day, I was introduced to Beyoncé and Jay Z in their trailer. They didn't really know what I was going to do, so I said, 'I'm going to shoot for five minutes. ...Read More »
Owners Say Rice Investigation Will Be Independent By Clip Syndicate The two NFL owners overseeing the investigation into how the league pursued and handled evidence in the Ray Rice domestic violence case pledged Thursday to make the findings of the probe public, and said their goal was "to get the truth." They said the inquiry's focus will be on what efforts were made to obtain video evidence of the three-time Pro Bowl running back striking his fiancee; if the video arrived at the league office; and what happened to it after it was delivered.

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New Mexico City Plans To Auction Excavated Vintage Video Games By Clip Syndicate A city in New Mexico where 1,300 unwanted vintage video games were discovered buried in a landfill has voted to auction off more than half of the cartridges in the run-up to Christmas. Members of the Alamogordo City Council voted 7-0 late on Tuesday to offer some 800 of the Atari games found earlier this year for sale on eBay and the council's own website. The mystery behind who dumped the games in the landfill, and why, inspired the dig and a documentary film by Microsoft Corp's Xbox Entertainment Studios.

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The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Goes for a Thrill Ride Katarsis Films is in the business of selling smiles. Based in Mexico City, the young, independent production company has been working for the past two years with one of the most well known Mexican theme parks, La Feria Chapultepec Mágico, to produce heart pounding advertisements that thrill its viewers. Katarsis founder, the charismatic Juan Carlos Elias, is as dynamic as the rides themselves, producing, directing, shooting and finishing the ads that Katarsis churns out on a regular basis. To assist him with achieving the right look for these ads, Juan Carlos uses the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Pocket Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve. ...Read More »
23 Jump Street Is Officially Happening: Will Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill Star In The Third Movie? By Clip Syndicate Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures and Original Film have already begun working on 23 Jump Street with Rodney Rothman returning as the screenwriter. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have yet to be confirmed to direct the third installment in the successful franchise but they are reportedly overseeing the script with Rothman as co-producers with Neil Moritz. There are also a few other major slots still open in the future film, the cast!

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Toronto: Benicio Del Toro On Romanticizing Drug Lord Pablo Escobar By Clip Syndicate Benicio Del Toro didn't set out to portray the late Columbian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar as the Latin Robin Hood in Andrea Di Stefano's Escobar: Paradise Lost. Still, he understands why audiences embrace that myth. "People are attracted to characters that go against the law since the beginning of film," Del Toro said during the film's Wednesday press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival. Escobar: Paradise Lost has Del Toro in the titular role and Josh Hutcherson playing Nick, an American surfer who meets the girl of his dreams, before slowly awakening to the horrors of Columbia's deadly drug trade when he meets her uncle, Escobar.

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Goodbye I? What A Missing Letter Means For Apple By Clip Syndicate As Apple made steps into two new categories on Tuesday, with the Apple Watch and Apple Pay , many were quick to notice a missing character that has long characterized the names of Apple products: the i. Technically, the word Apple isn't in either name. It's the Apple logo instead. Apple In other words, the company pulled a Prince. Or a Nike, since the athletic apparel brand is known for using its swoosh logo as shorthand for its brand name.

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Hands On With The IPhone 6 And The IPhone 6 Plus By Clip Syndicate The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus represent Apple’s new flagship products, and they’re a big change from what came before: The 4.7-inch 6 has a new, Retina HD resolution display, and smooth, rounded edges and a smooth transition between the actual glass protecting the screen and the rest of the casing. It also has an improved camera, and what might be its most exciting super-power: Apple Pay, which uses NFC tech to let the device authorize payments quickly using Touch ID as an authentication step. ...Read More »

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