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Tech Time Recipe Apps Video: Tech Time Recipe Apps
Tech Time Recipe Apps Tue, 21 Nov 2017 16:44:50 +0000 Tech Time Recipe Apps Tech Time Recipe Apps KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> it is tech time tuesday, holiday edition. and something i didn't know about christopher that i learned today is that you enjoy baking and cooking things to give to other people. >> i didn't know that about you. >> yeah, i make a mean cheese cake. you can ask some people out there. >> will you make that for thanksgiving this year? >> probably not because we have so much other food going on for thanksgiving. but yeah, cheese cake is my thing. >> okay. so if someone else out there has something that is their thing like shawna can make a mean sweet potatoe casserole wa, do you do, what apps are out there to help you gift give. >> if you don't have your thing, i guess is the better way to say it, there are a couple of websites that all have apps that you can actually go to. first one i want to talk about is food network. they have air whole station, right, this he have a website and an app you can go to. and you can actually search for things on thrair app. so on the food network there's a little magnifying glass an you can actually go to the app and type in gifts and it will actually show you food gifts. or gifts in a jar or other thing thases they've done on the food network. >> so things that work easy to be able to give somebody. >> exactly. so if you have restrict it to gifts, it's not going to show you the turkeys and the big meals, right, it's going to focus more on small things, soup, desserts, treats, that will actually allow you to make those recipes and give them, right. >> okay. >> and one of the thing things about going to the app rather than the website is you can actually use your tablet to sit on the counter and now you have your recipe book. >> your recipe book right there with you. >> some of those recipes even have little check marks where you can, once you have added an ingredient you can hit it and it. >> it knows what is next. >> exactly. >> so well, and so there are two aspects there is the ingredient list which you can take to the store and you can check off the ideas as you purchase them and then there is the baking check list too. so you can actually check it off as you go. >> the other one will you talk about is my favorite, all recipes. >> all recipes. >> the one you go to. >> allrecipes has been around for ever. and they actually on their app have a list of recipes. now i did the same thing. i went to the category of gifts but this one is a little different because it shows you pictures. >> oh. >> this one actually allows you to log in with your facebook, why would you want to log in? >> i am always afraid to do that. >> most people are. that is why i asked the question, why would you want to. >> why would you, so you are saving things. >> exactly. >> when you log in, those little hearts that are shown. >> yeah. >> you can click on the heart and because are you logged in, it knows it's you and so it saves it to your recipe list. >> so don't be afraid of logging. >> don't be afraid of logging in. >> that's smart. >> i also have seen people sharing recipes through facebook that they have saved through these websites. >> that is all because they are logged in. >> can i still see the reviews on the app. i usually just go the to website. the reviews of the recipes are my favorite because i know if you added more flour or sugar. >> you can still see those reviews even on the app. >> because those reviews are tied to the recipe. >> aha!. >> not to the website or to the app. they're tied to the recipe. >> so i have a question for you. because you go to i ares me like, this all recipe or whatever and there are so many different options. for may it's like the possibilities are endless and then it paralyzes me because have i too many choices. >> read the reviews. >> so i actually, you can categorize your search results, right. you can do it by feature, by popular, you can do it by time. so i usually go by popular and time. >> i'm with you. >> because i don't want to spend too much time but i want it to be good. so the best reviews that take the least amount of time are the best ones to make. >> you have one more. >> the other one is tasty, or their app is just tasty. and they actually don't have a section for gifts. so what i did on this one is no bake desserts because maybe i was in the mood to in the bake, right? and it does the same thing t goes through the list and it actually gives you all the things that you can make. now of course if you don't get the search results in there then it actually shows you all of the recipes but all of these you can manipulate to whatever you want whether it be thanksgiving dinner recipes or recipes to give as gifts. >> if you need a little something right before the holidays or for the holidays that is where you go. and if you need help with anything tech, this is the guy you go to, on social media, of course, facebook, instagram, youtube, it's all right there, tech life i just grabbed him in the commercial break and i was asking about his favorite security app. >> yes. >> so thank you so much. >> you got it.

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