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Tritton Sound Bite Portable Speaker System

Tritton Technologies offers portable and lightweight speakers

By Don Lee

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Tritton Technologies' Sound Bite Portable USB Speakers
Tritton Technologies' Sound Bite Portable USB Speaker System
With more and more people living mobile lifestyles via their cell phone, wireless networking, notebook computers and PDAs, we sometimes forget about the things that make our lives a bit more enjoyable on the road. One of these things is the ability to take your home computer speaker system on the road. You have all of these great movies, audio and video files to play on your notebook computer and youre stuck using the systems built-in sound system?

Now you know you're not going to lug a set of large set of speakers around with you but how would you get the kind of quality sound you're looking for? This is where the Tritton Technologies' Sound Bite portable speaker system would suit your needs. This lightweight, USB powered system provides crisp audio quality for those looking at better quality sound from their notebook computers.
Back of Tritton Technologies' Sound Bite Portable Speaker System (shown)
What is the Sound Bite
The Tritton Technologies Sound Bite is a portable disc shaped speaker system that is powered by its built-in USB (type A) cable. The top of the Sound Bite has a subwoofer displayed while the stereo speaker system is mounted in a semi-circle lid that lifts upward. The device's width is slightly smaller than a CD and it weighs only 280 grams which makes it easy to carry in a notebook computer bag.

With the built in USB type A cable powering the Sound Bite, you dont have to worry about any loose cables. The Sound Bite weighs in at only 10 ounces and you dont even have to install any software drivers to get it to work. Just simply plug and play.

The Final Word
The Sound Bite is very easy to install and configure for your system. For Windows users, your computer will immediately detect the new USB device and it won't require any additional installation or manual configuration. For Macintosh OS X users, you will have to enter your System Preferences and select the Sound control panel. You will then have to change the system's output audio device from the built-in audio to the Tritton USB device.

The current design has the 50-centimeter USB cable which fits into a groove at the base of the Sound Bite. The cable wraps around twice and the USB plug snaps into the T-shaped cutout in the base. The sleek design with the speaker lid and the cable and the high quality audio output makes the Sound Bite a very useful addition to those mobile computer users who are looking for better sound output.

From the moment I heard the sounds of my music and especially my PC games through the Sound Bite, I knew that this was going to be my new set of speakers. The sound quality will definitely surprise you as you crank up the volume. The only issue I had was that the length of the USB cable. While the 50 centimeter cable is suffice for connecting to a notebook computer, it would've been nice to maybe see the Sound Bite with a base that had some form of a longer, retractable cable just in case you needed it. This would be useful to those who need to conserve desk space in your home office and don't want those bulky speakers cluttering up your work space.

Other than that minor gripe, I found the Tritton Technologies' Sound Bite to be very useful and would be an excellent compliment to any notebook or even home based computer system.

Tritton Technologies Sound Bite Portable Speaker System
The type A USB cable fits snug beneath the device

You can purchase the Tritton Technologies Sound Bite either through the company website or at your local retailer. You can find a list of retailers from the Tritton website:

Sound Bite Specs
2 x 28mm magnetically shielded satellite speakers
1 x 52mm magnetically shielded subwoofer speaker
Attached 50cm USB type-A cable
Maximum output power - 1.2W + 1.2W
5W rated input power
Power LED
USB bus powered (5V, 500mA)
Product Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm x 42mm
Mass: 280g

System Requirements
Available USB port
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

About Tritton Technologies
You can visit the official Tritton Technologies website at

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