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Introducing Lafayette's Own PLATE App By Clip Syndicate Introducing Lafayette's Own PLATE App ...Read More »
Tech Byte: Nursery Tech By Clip Syndicate Technology can really benefit expectant mothers and new parents. Here are some gadgets that can help in the nursery. ...Read More »
How IoT and Connected Devices Are Changing the Way We Think About Cybersecurity By Nathan Sykes Today's technology is connected and smart, or at the very least, it collects user and performance data. We now have smart locks and garage door openers, smart appliances, smart vehicles and even smart pet devices. On the enterprise side, we have Internet of Things (IoT) sensors for tracking goods and shipments and smart machinery in manufacturing. With each new device connected to a network or the internet comes a significant increase in vulnerability. ...Read More »
Content Insider #585 - Flashy Cars By Miles Weston Growing up we loved hot, sexy cars. Our kids? Not so much. Yes we still drive a set of wheels because they're cool...but it's just not as much fun anymore because we spend way too much time either stuck in traffic or wondering what the idiots in the other iron horses are going to unwittingly do. The autonomous vehicle is starting to look like a really good idea but at the AV sessions at FMS 18 we found out they won't arrive as quickly as they do in movies, the road to self-driving won't be smooth and they're going to require a whole lot of flash storage. Biggest change is we'll have to start thinking differently...a whole lot differently! ...Read More »
IQS Enhances Pay-Per-Click Marketing IQS, a global industrial manufacturers directory, has officially announced the availability of a Google Adwords 'Pay-Per-Click' (PPC) option as part their marketing program line-up with enhanced negative keyword coverage. IQS has offered annual programs since 2000 and now with the introduction of this PPC program as an additional marketing choice, IQS will be the first industrial directory and manufacturing search engine to offer both annual programs along with enhanced negative keyword coverage along with utilizing leading edge Wordstream technology. ...Read More »
Tech Byte: Package Protection By Clip Syndicate Here are some tech products that will help prevent thieves from stealing packages off your front porch. ...Read More »
Dr. Stereo By Clip Syndicate Dr. Stereo ...Read More »
The Loper Report: Loper reviews Avengers:Infinity War, American Animals and Disenchantment By Clip Syndicate Film critic Will Loper reviews Disenchantment, Avengers:Infinity War and American Animals. ...Read More »
Content Insider # 583 - Ripe Choices By Miles Weston OTT is probably going to be a good thing in the long term, rather like Darwin's survival of the fittest. The only problem is there is no such thing as natural selection when it comes to which streaming services you want. No one wants/likes everything they offer even if it's from Netflix, sorry Reed. No we like some of Amazon Prime, some of Hulu, some of Discovery, some of well you get the picture. Probably why we also have Roku...get to "leaf through" the free stuff sandwiched in between ads as well as some of our premium content. Stuff is great when we know it's there except there are only so many hours in a day even if Hastings does make it too easy for us to binge. ...Read More »
Workers in Berks By Clip Syndicate Learn about the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 743 in Reading PA. ...Read More »

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