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Trek the Movie

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Trek the Movie Video: Trek the Movie
Trek the Movie Tue, 28 Nov 2017 18:40:50 +0000 Trek the Movie Trek the Movie KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City i heard about this movie i love we're already talk about it trek and this is a movie by excel films. also austin grant who is in the movie. you play tom in this film. it doesn't come out until april. but we're talking sneak peek screening coming up in week. 7:00 layered layered knoller gateway theaters we love to have folks come and go to our facebook page. track the movie and they can register. 7 o'clock thursday night. i feel like. and really good group of people. they shot at july. and just rapid up first week of august. tell everybody about the movie. what's it about? movie is about tom who has his faith is challenged. he wonders if god's really there and god really listens to him. it's a story about how he has some experiences that help strengthen and help him get back on that path to find finding his faith. austin slash tomorrow tell me what attracted you to this project. work for one. having gone is j. but what i actually really like about the crypt and the story as whole is that it doesn't ever feel like. i don't know, that you're being given given a message this what you should take away from this movie. more than there's themes and at the end the movie. and a things but not feel like this was what you're supposed to take away p.m. there loss of things going on. very real. shot here in utah. in july. it's a little bit hot in july. a bit. oh, aand what are you wearing? tracked in. and a we will heavy cloesz. we did that on purpose to make it suffer a little bit. it was real. sweat is real. sweat is real. frustration is real? oh yeah. ah-hah. frustration. did you know the experience with want to recreate it that? no when what i really felt i needed to do. i heard my son talk about his experience and how it impacted him. i had david scrips. phenomenal scripts and had to do this. emotional a little bit of both. very, very funny film but also has real heart. real heart. it really takes this experience that has been you know just crazy characters and things but also about growth. and how young people get an opportunity to connect with the part of there's past and may not get chance to entertain. toughest part filming was? he was one. then overall the heat, first we shot all of the, all of the main, main bulk of trek. there's couple other locations that we move on. that 1st week was really hot. six days long hours. but i love it because its rerelate be a. been this done that. i've done that. ah-hah. yeah. so now the screening it comes out in april. tell us why you're doing it this way. well, um there are couple reasons in my mind. one we wanted to feel for how odd audience reacts that will hem us understand how market it give us a chance to see if there's anything we want to tweak. it's not it's 99 percent done. we've got a little bit flexibility there. also allow us to let audience start building word of mouth. i think this is so exciting if you're one of those people that gets to go to screening come up up on thursday mega plex on gateway 7 o'clock ticket information you can go to facebook page and go to our website we will link you to all of that i want you to get chance to see it before it comes out in april of 2018.

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