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Jason Valentine has a review of Rampage Video: Rampage - View on Film
Jason Valentine has a review of Rampage Sat, 14 Apr 2018 00:22:45 +0000 Rampage - View on Film Jason Valentine has a review of Rampage KVEW welcome back......probably the biggest star in the world....dwayne johnson, the rock, has been hit or miss with his movies as of late. last year, he had a big hit with jumanji.....but bombed with baywatch. kapp kvew's jason valentine returns to let you know if his latest...rampage, is a hit or a thistonight's view on film. thanks games into movies have not done well....really ever. todays new film...rampage, is from a video game where three monsters tear up a city, and you try to stop them. filmmakers decided to put the rock into the role of this one, the rock plays a primatologist....and ex-special forces member who's gorilla gets mutated by a gas from space........and the rock must head to chicago to stop him, and a mutated wolf and reptile to save the windy city. yes...the movie is as ridiculous as it sounds.....but it is also not bad. only the rock, and his infinite charisma could make this film work. he has an amazing ability to make a bonkers premise seem at least palitable. as a film, this is not art.....but it succeeds in delivering what it promises. extreme mayham and destruction. you don't go to a film featuring a giant gorilla, wolf and gator and expect anything less. i will say, if you want to see this film, avoid the gives away the ending. also, the special effects with the gorilla are so good....he has more acting chops than any of the rocks co-stars in last years baywatch. if this film sounds like a good time to you.....i can recommend it. rampage is what it recommend it. rampage is what it is......and its not bad. thats

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