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PA Live: Movie Guy Jeff Boam July 14, 2017

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Movie Guy Jeff Boam is here to talk about new movies this weekend. Video: PA Live: Movie Guy Jeff Boam July 14, 2017
Movie Guy Jeff Boam is here to talk about new movies this weekend. Fri, 14 Jul 2017 20:36:52 +0000 PA Live: Movie Guy Jeff Boam July 14, 2017 Movie Guy Jeff Boam is here to talk about new movies this weekend. WBRE was posted on the website and posted on the pope's door. the sign was given to pope francis recently by salvo no. he promised know he would put it up in his office, of course it is all for a laugh, offer a joke. good to see pope francis having a good sense of humor. >>> our movie guide jeff is always good to joke around with. >> it is good to be known for good humor, dave. >> it is a positive quality. you are known for good reviews as well. it has been a summer where we are talking about a sequel. we have another one, war for the planet of the apes. woody harrelson is what stands out, he is back. >> yet he is back. this is following the tales of rise of the planet apes. rise unexpectedly, the critics enjoyed it and don even more so. this is closing a trilogy. it brings a dark side, darth paper we will call him. this, it's kind of a pre- glued to the original plan of the apes, the one with charlton heston not mark wahlberg. these movies really make a lot of sense. very intelligent. critics are saying this one perhaps tops the others. already it is tracking 22 percent higher than the last one. it made 5 million last night. it could be a hit. older franchises are struggling, they are well be on their shelf life. this will close this trilogy and do rather well. >> i saw the last planet of the eight. i never watch the original and despite jumping into it, like you said, i found it to be intelligent, good action, interesting. went to consider this we can. this next one not a lot of buzz upon wish upon. it is from john leonetti who directed annabelle, a spinoff from the conjurer movies. this is the latest scary movie flick. the old aid adage be careful what you wish for, unfortunately that is also a review by a lot of critics. this is reminiscent of scary movies, not real scary. they will come out at christmas time, whenever not just hollowing. real fans of the horror movies will be the ones that show up for this one. >> it reminds me of the wish master from 20 years or so ago. be level horror movies. one of the things seen over and over again. fans will not stop for that one. >>> spider-man homecoming continuing this week. had a huge week last week. >> everyone who has seen this i am hearing that spider-man ever. >> i'll go a step below that, i thought the 1st two were possibly the best. the marvel dna is so strong and that is why you have people coming back to see it. there are so many things that really reward people who have seen all the movies in the marvel universe. the only shortcoming i could say is you have to be well versed in the marvel movies to enjoy the film. they nailed the casting, the jokes, the joking five is for younger audiences. >> another one we will mention, the big sick. it is based on the real relationship of i always get his name wrong kumara johnny who is a pakistan born comedian who entered into a relationship with the young lady who got sick. he got to know his better half's family better and sooner than he expected. the critics are saying that this perhaps brings out elements we haven't seen in a while. just when you

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