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MOVIE GUY JEFF BOAM GIVES US HIS TAKE ON ALL THE NEW MOVIES OUT. Fri, 19 May 2017 20:35:53 +0000 PA LIVE: MOVIE GUY JEFF BOAM May 19, 2017 MOVIE GUY JEFF BOAM GIVES US HIS TAKE ON ALL THE NEW MOVIES OUT. WBRE her balance. >> glad he had is okay. >> alien covenant, the sequel to promythious hits the big screen. >> our movie guy is giving us his take on all the new movies ou out this weekend. great to you have. >> great to be here. alien covenant, i understand this bridges the gap between the original alien and promythious. now i did see promythious but to me it was one of those movies i saw once and really didn't care to see it again. did you agree with that and will this be any better. >> i would agree with that. i really love the fact that ridley scott wanted to go back and he is the director of the original class eck 1979 alien which still to me is the best. by alien, but he wanted to go back to promythious and kind of retill the origin of the species. and now we have a direct sequel that does link the dna of the it, he has an all-star cass including catherine waters and billy crudup and michael fassbender has a key role, i would say he's doing a dramatic turn, usually known for comedy but sounds like he gets ways cracks in according to the trailer. critics are really so far loving this. loving it to the extent that it has great action. confined spaces in space and aliens coming after you, the first alien was more of a horror movie than a sci-fi movie. so this is in that realm but critics are also saying it doesn't really lay much ground work as far as the franchise goes. it is just another scare in space. that's okay as long as the director who is ridley scott. >> good director. if it is to be improved upon the story a little bit which sounds like it does, you get good action, good scares, what else could you ask for. >> neil blondcamp that did district 9 was supposed to do an alien movie but that got scutd eled after ridley scott say he was interested. that was going to have sigourney weaver, that will be the true alien sequel. >> yes, that makes it complete once again. >> everything everything. >> it is based on a young adult novel that was pretty popular about a young girl who has got an autoimmune disease an is stuck inside constantly. a romance gets going in her life. will it get her out of the house. the biggest name is amanda sternberg. she was in the hunger game series, one of the minor characters, they are hoping she breaks out with this. >> was she the little girl. >> yes, she was. >> the little girl who, i mean she dies pretty early in hunger games. >> yes. >> i remember her. >> she's back. they are hoping she has some star quality much like jennifer lawrence from the hunger games. >> but with this one they're saying this is kind of a false start. critics are saying it wants to be the fault in our stars but doesn't quite get to that emotional punch. but still, this book had a pretty big following. books that have followings like this often do bring movie goaers out, that is what they are looking for. it is counterprogramming to alien. >> it seems like if someone has some good ideas for an original movie they would make a fortune in hollywood because it seems like all we do is talk about sequels on. >> or movies based on book. >> here we go again, diary by a wimpy kid. who asked for this. >> another one. >> it wasn't you, was it. >> is this the third oneness i believe it is the fourth or fifth one, probably fourth. >> who even knows because they don't really matter that much. but jeff, tell us what you think. >> w-8, you know, this series that that started out actually okay. i'm doing air quotes with okay. >> a lot of movies do after four movies in. >> the book series is actually a record-breaking so far as young kids lists goesment but they got rid of rachel har es and steve dunn who were the original parents and they have alecia silverstone and tom scott everett who i remember from best thing you do, that is what i remember him for. but he is here to fill in as the new dad. and critics are saying all this sizer has done is just kind of mined the pottee humor which was really the failing, the one big failing with the first movie which was kind of decent was they concentrated too much on the pottee humor. critics are saying that is the series the series is headed. the long haul might feel like a long haul. >> so only if your kids are huge diary of a wimpy kid fans. >> obviously they have to bring some money in if they keep making them. >> someone is going to see them. >> exactly. >> not us. thank you so

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