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Food Delivery

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Food Delivery Video: Food Delivery
Food Delivery Tue, 17 Oct 2017 15:06:38 +0000 Food Delivery Food Delivery KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City how are you doing? >> we need fancy music to welcome you on. today you made a great entrance. >> i get to make table talk. >> i just moved to park city about four months ago. food delivery service is now back in my reality. >> it's a real thing. >> i'm so excited. it is kind of cool because there is actually a lot of food delivery services to restaurants that you wouldn't even think about here in salt lake. and i think a lot up in park city as well. >> yeah, it is funny t is not on the list but a place called speedy service. and speedy delivers to my house. >> yeah, speedy actually its own entity. >> he's great. >> but in salt lake we have uber eats, door dash and grub hub. >> okay. >> now what restaurants do you want to have delivered to your house. >> i want maxwell's pizza. >> okay, maxwells, i don't know if they are on the list but i think speedy's does in park city. >> do they. >> i don't remember. >> are these apps or do i call the restaurant. >> so these are apps. >> and you get and they deliver-- you order through the app and let me give you an example. brio is on that you could have it delivered. >> that sounds so good. >> that tuscan chicken salad. >> a lot of dng rouse things you could delivered at brio. >> the risotto. >> the sweet potatoe. >> you order through the app and a dliefer usually signs up through their app so there are drivers through the app too. they go pick up your food, put it in an insulated case an deliver it to your house. >> which is wonderful. >> i have a question. because pie dad uses uber eats all the time. he loves it, he is always traveling. if he is in a big city will uber eats but he is not paying a lot or anything, i feel like. >> basically there's a delivery fee and they have worked out deals with the restaurant to take care of the money side. that's the other side is it is all through the app so there is no money exchange at the door. >> so my uber driver doesn't pay for it and i pay the uber. >> correct. >> you pay it through your app. so it makes it safer. it makes it less awkward because are you not having to fumble with money and all that stuff. and it is super quick. most of the apps guarantee food delivery within 35 minutes. >> i was going to say, how long does it take. >> about 35 minutes, about the same time as ordering a pizza. >> so you are thinking will you eat your arm and 35 years later you are already. >> it is restaurants unlike chinese and pizza t is restaurants that you would want to go to or do which brio, buffalo wild wings, there is a couple of local restaurants that do it as well. >> biscuits and lime aid were just on, really good. >> what is that. >> you got to go. >> a restaurant in south salt lake. >> that sounds outstanding. >> so if i am an uber driver right now can i also be an uber eats driver. >> when you sign up for the driving platform you could also do uber eats. >> there is no way i could do that, i would be so frustrated smelling all of that. >> just one bietd out of the burger. that's fine, that is your fee. >> wit one is your favorite app. >> yep, all of them. >> have you used all of these. >> i have used grub hub, i haven't used uber eats, they are super new here. i wish when i lived in new york city that it existed but there are so many places that deliver that it's kind of a moot point. >> it's so brilliant. is there one more affordable. >> they are all pretty of the same. as alley was saying, it's delivery fees and then you tip your driver but other than that it is the same cost of the food as you would normal lee pay for it. >> i plan on being more lazy immediately. >> yes. >> or more busy. >> or more busy, sign us up, where is my phone. >> if you need help with tech, how can christopher get ahold of you. >> tech life coach.dom. i will also put referral links on my website right after i'm done here so you can try grub hub, door dash, uber eats and get a little credit. >> i like yes. >> let's try them all. >> it's perfect you came on after talking-- because our kids already know. >> when she gets home you will be like uber eating

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