XPOP Deploys Latest NFT Technology to Global Entertainment Field – Starting With K-POP Content

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BlockchainNFTMarketplaceXPOP announced the launch of a new NFT marketplace in Southeast Asia, a market with strong K-POP fandom, at the end of June 2021.

Comprising of Korean gurus in blockchain technology and the entertainment business sectors, XPOP is an NFT blockchain technology company specializing in utilizing content service that has newly come into the limelight.

The new NFT marketplace XPOP Project Team building will bring an innovative outcome to the entertainment market and its digital content industry. Various content players can make transactions on the smart contract of XPOP blockchain whenever they trade their own content engaged with them.

As of present XPOP has reached an agreement with over 200 teams of K-POP artists for rare content registration on XPOP NFT Marketplace.

Many investment companies and individual investors in Southeast Asia are drawn much attention to XPOP Project and now they are expecting considerable NFT sales within a short period and the highest Return on Investment (ROI) as the K-POP content minted with XPOP blockchain has been prepared already and the outcome of open wide XPOP NFT Marketplace will bring the higher level of completion.

XPOP NFT Marketplace focuses on supporting music sources to assist in the growth of K-POP artists. It also supports convenient and fast distribution of webcomics, games, art works, licenses, and IP ownerships, which are relatively easier to be developed into digital products, in the global market through blockchain networks. This is an innovative entertainment platform where content creators, content industry players, and consumers communicate and trade with one another.

The founder of XPOP said, “Digital content is distributed in various forms. According to the rapid growth of the global digital content market, such as YouTube and Facebook, music sources, videos, webcomics, other creative works and educational content are being distributed and owned across borders, naturally creating values. Under these circumstances, NFT marketplaces are becoming the main trend now. In this marketplace, anyone can produce and publicize creative works, and directly trade the content with each other. Digital content consumers, as a member of the overall content ecosystem, can also create values and get rewarded for them at the same time.”

XPOP is successfully implementing the project development by partnering with K-POP content providers and K-POP service platforms. Global venture capital groups that have only invested in the promising blockchain projects are taking a major part in the initial investment for XPOP Projects, so various types of investors are paying close attention to XPOP token listed and further listings on the major crypto exchange services.

Currently listed in Melon Exchange (melonex.io), XPOP Foundation is meeting various investors in domestic and international financial groups now. Also, at the same time, XPOP is engaging with general token holders while XPOP is getting listed on crypto exchange services continuously.

Details of partnerships and marketing activations of XPOP Project can be found on the official Telegram channel of XPOP: t.me/xpopblockchain.


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