Worlds Announces 2023 Strategic Advisory Board

This distinguished group of industry leaders will guide Worlds in shaping the future of digital transformation and building the Industrial Metaverse.

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Worlds, creators of the AI platform for building the Industrial Metaverse, today announced the formation of its 2023 Strategic Advisory Board. The board includes seven industry leaders from integral companies within manufacturing, distribution, transportation and logistics, and the national defense and government sectors. The Advisory Board will serve as a resource to Worlds’ executive leadership helping the company deliver AI-based automation into the core operations of large industrial companies.

“Right now is an incredibly exciting time for us. The biggest players in the game are choosing to build their industrial metaverse with Worlds,” said Dave Copps, the CEO of Worlds. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the invaluable insights and feedback from this exceptional group of leaders. It’s been a total game-changer for us, completely transforming the way we’re approaching the market.”

While two-thirds of the world’s economy today is derived from the supply chain, persistent labor shortages across the entire sector have increased the focus on automation. By 2030, job shortages will reach 85 million jobs – so increasing real-world automation is no longer just a thing to consider but rather a mandate. Worlds converts real-world actions into a live data stream that enables organizations to measure, analyze, and build AI-based automation into their physical operations.

President of Worlds, Chris Rohde, said, “Introducing AI into a corporation is a major leap, and our advisory board is comprised of some of the best change management minds in the industry. This Advisory Board not only has deep domain expertise but also understands how our technology can combine with existing processes to supercharge digital transformation.”

Worlds Advisory Board Members

Ken Spangler is Executive Vice President IT of FedEx Global Operations Technologies. He is responsible for strategic direction through execution of the world-class technology that enables global operations for FedEx. Ken also leads the FedEx Enterprise Operations Technology Innovation team which is responsible for many FedEx innovative solutions such as SenseAware ID. Ken’s more than 35 years leading the development and implementation of massively scaled physical and digital automation, combined with experience in all types of operations technology at the center of one of the globe’s largest logistics and transportation companies enable him to bring Worlds a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of working with complex global enterprises.

“The concept of an industrial metaverse is still in its infancy and is too often perceived to be just a digital twin capability, but I believe it is much more than that. The ability to capture and measure the real world in motion, and then use AI to understand, optimize and transform it can lead to significant untapped value. The Worlds powerful AI platform captures and measures the real world, inside of live in-motion digital twins, so enterprises of all sizes and scale can bring AI-based automation directly into their operations in ways that shine the light on incredible levels of previously unknown and unrealized value.” – Ken Spangler

Tony Scott is the current CEO and President of Intrusion, a leading cyber security company, CTO of General Motors, and former CIO of the United States Government, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney Company. With this uncommon breadth and depth of experience serving in the highest levels of government and across diverse business sectors, Tony counsels Worlds’ market strategy in both the private and public sectors.

“Worlds core capabilities are a perfect fit for helping organizations respond to the modern challenges facing every industry as they increasingly deal with complex digital ecosystems, including sensor data, supply chain complexities, and operational data overload.” –Tony Scott

Lee Slezak is President of Technology for Tyson Foods, where his work is focused on leveraging technology to deliver insights that drive business outcomes. He works across business organizations to ensure IT and technology strategies align with business capability roadmaps. Lee’s extensive experience in supply chain, consumer goods, and logistics brings an uncommon depth and understanding to how Worlds approaches potential clients and partners.

Cheryl Peace stewards Worlds’ US Government, DOD, and Intel strategy by providing her unique insight and understanding of the critical value the Worlds platform brings to force protection and full-spectrum situational awareness. She brings 30 years of senior executive experience with roles in the White House, NSA, FBI, DoE, and most recently, as Chief Operating Officer of Cyxtera Federal. Cheryl leverages her vast government experience to help Worlds access doors that are traditionally hard to open.

Amir Ansari the Co-Founder and Inaugural Executive Director of the IDEA Factory at the University of Maryland, which aims to promote innovation, creativity, and interdisciplinary design. He is a member of the XPRIZE Foundation’s Vision Circle and its Board of Trustees. He is also the Founder and General Partner of VaticX, a global hybrid-accelerator that optimizes value creation for growth-stage technology-based companies by providing them with market access, mentorship, and access to capital. Amir is an inventor and entrepreneur at his core, encouraging the Worlds leadership team to always “think big” while remaining strategic.

Tracy Black is a Partner at New Road Capital and brings 30 years of experience in leadership and supply-chain technology to the board. As SVP of IT for Fortune 500 transportation company J.B. Hunt Transport Services, she built and led the technology team. Tracy’s unparalleled transportation industry expertise helps Worlds address a key market with insights into operations and the investment funding process.

Alan Jacobson is Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Alteryx, focused on driving data initiatives and digital business transformation. Before Alteryx, he held leadership roles at Ford Motor Company across engineering, marketing, and sales and led a team of data scientists to drive digital transformation across the enterprise. He brings a brilliant mix of technology and strategy and challenges Worlds to deliver measurable results tactically.

About Worlds:

Worlds has created the AI platform for building the Industrial Metaverse. A new inner world model layering AI over a company’s existing IoT infrastructure to see, measure and bring AI-based automation directly into value-driving ground floor processes. Inside Worlds, companies are building live digital twins of operational environments, making it possible to finally measure the real world in motion. Market leaders like Chevron and Petronas trust Worlds to build their Industrial Metaverse and provide a solid AI framework for digital transformation. For more information about Worlds, visit


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