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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Analytics–Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm, has announced the completion of their new article on top trends disrupting the video game industry. The video game industry players tend to struggle when it comes to targeted advertising and implementing advanced technologies. This is the reason why they are now looking for solutions to incorporate advanced technologies such as augmented and virtual reality to improve gaming capability. Also, the lack of targeted advertising strategies makes it difficult for them to maximize ROI and stay ahead of competitors.

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Players in the video game industry need to analyze market trends to tackle such challenges and succeed in the long run. Recent research shows that the video game industry is going to witness a significant transformation over the next decade due to emerging trends such as cloud gaming, fresh revenue models and digital distribution.

Video Game Industry Trends

Facilitates real-time streaming

The integration of live and on-demand video content in social networks has enabled consumers today to create communities online as well around their favorite gaming content. Smartphones and tablets are helping even more in viewing the game content through different gaming applications. This has resulted in the growth of digital video channels that have pushed aside traditional broadcast content.

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Increasing demand for live streaming tools

With the growing popularity of different applications, it has become easy for gamers now to stream games without any computer. Live streaming tools have enabled gamers to play games without worrying about free space in their smartphones and tablets.

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Arrival of new players

Easy availability of smartphones and the spread of wireless internet connectivity has made it easier for gamers to play games. This is creating more demands in this industry and consequently has increased the competition even more. Therefore, to succeed in the long-run players in this industry will have to innovate and build new strategies to improve business operations.

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