“Twitch Storm” Promises Parlay of Fans Every Five Minutes for 24 Hours Straight

Americas Cardroom is sponsoring a one-of-kind Twitch raid promotion to build content creator audiences, fuels progressive crowd with rewards at each stop of marathon channel crawl

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Americas Cardroom (ACR) will give back to Twitch content creators (aka “streamer” or “talent” or “influencer”) every five minutes over 24 hours starting on March 20 at 9 a.m. PST. Dubbed “Twitch Storm,” the campaign will exploit a rapid series of “raids,” a tactic used by Twitch streamers at the end of their streams to send viewers (aka “audience” or “community”) to other live channels. Raiding a channel at the end of a stream helps another streamer grow his or her community, and it’s a fun and friendly way to introduce viewers to new content.

ACR plans to give away $50 to a random viewer at each five-minute, streamer-hosted stop. Each host streamer will send their content to another scheduled content creator in this fast-paced event. The raid will be progressive, gaining audience mass as new viewers are added over successive channel streams. Approximately 250 streamers of all types are expected to participate in the campaign, including video gamers, athletes, TV and movie luminaries, business standouts, and artists and musicians. Total viewer payout is anticipated to top $14,000. The total audience numbers are uncertain, but they are anticipated to be uncommonly large.

“Nobody has ever coordinated a relay of this magnitude, with this kind of diversity or level of collaboration between influencers on Twitch,” says Michael Harris, spokesperson for Americas Cardroom. “Poker is an every-person game, so we’re looking forward to spreading the spirit of our gaming community in a fun way that gives back to all kinds of content creators and audiences on Twitch.”

Larger and smaller talent will be interspersed to keep momentum and excitement building over time. All broadcasters will have opportunities to introduce themselves for exposure.

“I want to tell all the content creators who are participating in this unprecedented event, it is going to be the perfect time to show all the Storm Chasers who you are and what you do on Twitch,” says Harris. “Sign up now for your chance to make history and maybe a million or more new friends.”

The Twitch talent application is https://www.endgametalent.com/twitchstorm. Interested content creators wishing to apply for entry into the Twitch Storm must provide their Twitch channel name, email address, Discord username and why they want to be a part of the Storm. Channel hosts will be selected based on content type and viewership details. Chosen talent will be contacted with official rules and instructions.


A streamer is a person who creates content for audiences which is broadcasted in real time (“streamed”). Broadcasts are facilitated through one or another platform such as Twitch on channels that are assigned to their content creating patrons. The content creator oftentime serves as the on-air talent on the broadcasts, potentiating celebrity value and commercial opportunity as an “influencer” of products or services. Streamers get financial consideration from viewers in the form of channel subscription fees, viewer donations, brand sponsorships, and advertising fees.

ABOUT TWITCH (Adapted from Twitch.TV).

Twitch is building the future of live, interactive entertainment one community at a time. This is the home for creators streaming video games, music, sports, and everything else they love with magnetic authenticity—drawing in millions of fans who are eager to play a part in where their shared passion is heading next. Their vision is our path forward.


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