The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) Deploys Kiana Facility Management Framework to Create Connected Smart Buildings

Kiana delivers real-time device-based detection and location-based analytics leveraging existing WiFi infrastructure in buildings.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AnalyticsKiana Analytics, Inc., the location-based platform company that delivers accurate proximity solutions to organizations worldwide, today announced it has been selected by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), the national railway company of Switzerland to assist with optimizing its work space for its flexible workforce.

Kiana Facility Management Solutions:

Effective management of corporate sites in any organization can be a complex task that extends across a myriad of stakeholders. Kiana delivers a mobile and cloud-enabled solution that can deliver highly accurate, real-time analytics on building occupancy and space utilization. All this is done without the need to install new devices or sensors and by leveraging infrastructure that already exists.

Working with Swiss Federal Railways, Kiana engineered the service to maintain Swiss data privacy standards by maintaining all data in country as part of our leadership efforts to support employee privacy expectations.

Capabilities include:

  • Visibility into poorly used floors and buildings, aiming at reducing real estate lease cost by 10-25%
  • Improve space utilization and reengineer sites to accommodate changing workforce needs by reallocating space required for on-site employees
  • Shared space availability and utilization – reduce time wasted looking for available meeting rooms / common space
  • Use a fact-based foundation for real estate expansion/shrinkage rather than guessing – work with actual costs from current site data.

Facility Management experts have pointed out that there are three key areas that can most benefit from automation.

  • Optimize Space Utilization
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency
  • Ensure Safety and Security Compliance

“We selected Kiana as our comprehensive site management solution knowing they are committed to innovation and dedicated to providing a superior service to help us get the most out of our wireless technology installed base,” said Dr. Harris Kontzalis, Senior Product Manager at SBB. “The Kiana Facility Management Framework integrates well with our existing infrastructure and delivers extensive analytics over an intuitive GUI.”

“Kiana is honored to be selected by SBB as its site management solution provider,” said Nader Fathi, CEO of Kiana Analytics. “According to the American Real Estate Society, relying on flawed information is the leading cause of why 30-40% of corporate leased space is under-utilized resulting in huge wasted costs. Furthermore, Kiana technology is also a business continuity solution that can help corporations stop the spread of the COVID-19 by providing privacy preserving exposure measurement and notification.”

About Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

SBB is the backbone of the Swiss public transport system, and day-to-day rail operations are its core business. SBB has been transporting people and freight for more than 100 years; over 1.32 million passengers and 200,000 tons of freight are transported to their destination every day. 32,500 dedicated employees work to realize the SBB vision for the mobility of the future, and to continue the success story, even in times when the entire economy and society, including the mobility industry, are undergoing profound changes.

About Kiana

Kiana strengthens physical safety and security, optimizes operations and delivers proximity solutions to understand visitor behavior at physical locations worldwide. Corporate campuses, event venues, transportation hubs and shopping malls use Kiana’s patented device detection capabilities and cloud-based software. Founded in 2013, Kiana Analytics is a fast-growing, GDPR and CCPA compliant company with offices in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Germany.

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