Ten Top Tips For Playing Elden Ring:

1. Follow the Sites of Grace: These locations will lead you to important NPCs, quests, and story threads. They serve as checkpoints and main objectives for your journey. 

2. Obtain the Spirit Calling Bell: Talk to Renna in the Church of Elleh to get the Spirit Calling Bell. It allows you to summon NPC helpers during boss battles, providing valuable assistance in tough fights. 

3. Use map markers: Place markers on the map to remember difficult enemies, hidden locations, or locked doors. This will help you navigate the world more effectively. 

4. Collect Map Fragments: Look for Map Fragments as you explore the game world. These fragments gradually reveal the hidden map, allowing you to uncover new areas and plan your journey. 

5. Upgrade Vigor early on: Focus on upgrading your Vigor stat early in the game. This will increase your maximum HP and allow you to withstand enemy attacks more effectively. 

6. Activate and equip Great Runes: Take Great Runes to the Divine Tower and use a Rune Arc to activate and equip them. Great Runes provide powerful bonuses and enhance your abilities. 

7. Visit Roundtable Hold: Make sure to visit Roundtable Hold, where you can upgrade your weapons, acquire new gear, and uncover the game’s story. It’s a hub area where you can interact with NPCs and enhance your character’s capabilities. 

8. Explore new areas: If you’re struggling with a particular boss, consider exploring other areas first. Gather Runes, level up your character, and return when you feel more prepared to take on the challenge. 

9. Manage your equipment load: Keep an eye on your equipment load to ensure you stay within the “Medium Load” range. This will improve your mobility and allow for better dodging and maneuvering in combat. 

10. Master the roll mechanic: Learn to effectively use the roll mechanic to avoid incoming damage. Timing your rolls correctly is crucial for surviving tough encounters and boss fights. 

These tips should help you navigate the challenging world of Elden Ring and improve your overall gameplay experience. Good luck on your journey!

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