Strategy Analytics: Charting a Decade of UX Innovation 2011 – 2021

Next Generational Experiences Require New Strategic Direction

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#innovationStrategy Analytics – Charting a decade of smartphone innovation from 2011 to 2021, a new report from the User Experience Strategies service at Strategy Analytics, “Towards Personalized Connected Experiences: Charting a Decade of UX Innovation,” examines the extent to which these specific trends have influenced product design and, on the basis of this trajectory, which future trends will shape innovation over the next ten years.

The disruptive effect of smartphone operating systems and the subsequent shaping of consumer preference and attitudes towards mobile technology was first explored by Strategy Analytics’ UX research team in 2011. Published four years after the launch of the first iPhone, Strategy Analytics’ report identified three key areas of focus for designers seeking to deliver compelling innovative solutions: Personalization, Context Awareness and Convergence. While much progress has been made in the last ten years, there is still great opportunity to develop next generation experiences that truly feel personalized and relevant to the user.

Commented Kevin Nolan report author and VP UX Innovation Practice, “In the 1990’s discussion around value-add for mobile and personal devices focused on physical features such cameras, keyboards and charging decks. In the early 2000’s focus shifted towards software and productivity applications. But after the launch of the iPhone and App Store in 2007, the center of value-add was perceived to be the number of apps in a platform’s app store. In 2011, Strategy Analytics’ UX research team proposed that as hardware, software and connected app advantages would become commoditized, true value-add and differentiation would increasingly be found in innovative experiences.”

Continued Nolan, “Strategy Analytics identified personalization, context awareness and convergence as the three key areas of focus, but nascent services of the time – cloud storage, remote automation of connected objects and decision support via consultative UIs – would in our opinion, chart the course for innovative experiences of the coming decade. What is clear is that most, if not all, of these services have developed hugely and remain highly relevant to achieving a superior user experience today. But while much progress has been made, it is evident that some of the lessons from the early implementations of these offerings have yet to be learned to allow them to deliver experiences that truly meet and surpass user expectations in 2021.”

Commented Chris Schreiner, Director, Syndicated Research, UXIP, “To truly achieve next generational experiences, Strategy Analytics believes that new strategic direction is vital for the smartphone industry for the next ten years. This includes innovation to overcome data fragmentation, deliver harmonious seamless integration of disparate objects and data services, enhance natural communication with conversational user interfaces and provide more relevant engagement at the right time based on the user’s needs and emotional state.”

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