Strategy Analytics: Amazon and Walmart in US and Tesco in UK Earn More Favorable Consumer Ratings Due to COVID-19 Handling

Covid-19 Life Changing for 6 in 10.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Strategy Analytics Consumer Insights team today releases its second wave of analysis “Covid-19 Tracking Changing Consumer Behaviors and Implications for Brands”.

At an invitation only webinar today at 16:30 UTC / 11:30 ET / 08:30 PT11:30, the consumer insights team will share key findings from analysis of almost 4,000 consumers in China, UK and US. Register here

Joy Ganvik VP of Consumer Insights at Strategy Analytics notes “As some countries and states are starting to re-open, companies are gearing up for the “new normal”. Strategy Analytics often gets asked by the business community on what the future will be like after this pandemic. This webinar will share findings from research we conducted in the US, UK and China in March and April:

  • How has consumer sentiment towards COVID-19 changed in the US, China and UK from March till now?
  • What is COVID-19’s impact on consumers’ usage behavior and purchase of new technology devices and services?
  • To what extent have consumers’ perceptions of brands shifted as a result of how brands are responding during this pandemic?

Arleen Macaraeg-Denque VP Consumer Insights added Covid-19 has been life changing for 6 in 10 and return to normalcy will be quite fragmented with some like travel, mass sporting or social events not likely to return anytime soon but visiting family, friends and outdoor activities will rebound rapidly”.

Key findings from the research conducted April 23-25 include:

  • 1 in 4 UK consumers have delayed purchase of a new car
  • 1 in 4 US consumers have delayed major appliance purchases.
  • 1 in 3 Chinese have stopped using a brand because of how they handled Covid-19. 1 in 5 did so for UK.
  • Almost half of UK Audi owners agreed with the statement “I have stopped using some brands due to Covid-19 handling”
  • 1 in 4 Sky UK viewers agree with the statement “I have stopped using some brands due to Covid-19 handling”. Tesco, Boots and BBC have most favorable consumer ratings
  • In the US, Amazon, Walmart and Google have positive sentiment for covid-19 handling, Telcos trail.
  • Almost half of US consumers given a positive rating for their local grocery store.
  • 26% of US Ford owners have a more positive impression due to their handling of Covid-19

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Covid-19 Tracking Changing Consumer Behaviors and Implications for Brands

Date: 12 May 2020

Start Time: 16:30 UTC / 11:30 ET / 08:30 PT

Duration: 30 Minutes

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Source: Strategy Analytics, Inc.


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