Strategy Analytics: 5G will Take Enterprise Digital Transformation to the Next Level

Early Stages of 5G Show Promise for Enterprises, but Security, Regulatory and Technological Challenges Must Be Overcome

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The emergence of 5G networks is expected to create huge opportunities to build enterprise value in a range of industries, profoundly affecting business operations. The Strategy Analytics Mobile Workforce Strategies service report, “5G and its Impact on Enterprise Digital Transformation,” looks at how businesses can leverage 5G, and highlights potential business use cases in areas such as AR/VR, business mobile applications, adoption of 5G mobile devices, enterprise teamwork/collaboration and IoT.

According to Gina Luk, Principal Analyst of Mobile Workforce Strategies at Strategy Analytics and author of the report, “digital transformation has become a common term in enterprises across different industries and 5G is now among the list of technologies that enterprises are considering in their roadmaps. 5G will impact the business and technology landscape globally. Not only will it bring about a transformation in industry, but also impact businesses significantly. Businesses will embrace the technology as it will have a huge impact on productivity, mobility and profitability. ”

Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise Research at Strategy Analytics, explained, “No doubt, 5G deployments promise to bring a number of benefits over 4G networks that businesses can fully leverage, but the majority of 5G vertical use cases are still in conceptual and developmental stages. While 5G has the potential to transform various industry processes, the true value to end users remains to be established.”

Whether business will see the impact of 5G in one or five years, it is coming. Businesses must prepare for the technology today in order to achieve the performance improvements the technology offers tomorrow.

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