SigmaSense to Showcase Next Generation Sensing at SID Display Week 2023

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DisplayWeek–SigmaSense® today announced plans to demonstrate next-generation touch sensing features at SID Display Week 2023, Booth #551, May 23-25, 2023, Los Angeles Convention Center. SigmaSense software-defined sensing achieves breakthrough levels of speed, accuracy, resolution, and noise immunity to deliver faster information and innovative experiences.

SigmaSense multi-dimensional sensing enables previously unimaginable user experiences, including 3D, multi-surface, and multi-user sensing for industrial and rugged devices, mobile, foldables and digital signage applications.

Featured Demos: Previously Impossible Experiences

SigmaSense will feature demonstrations that open doors to a new universe of design choices for display product creators innovating creative options for new user experiences.

  • Redefined rugged experiences for harsh environments. High speed, low latency 300Hz 10 finger touch outdoors, in water and with thick gloves. Robust performance with low power in adverse and noisy conditions, with automatic no mode switching required of the user for touch through water and gloves. Low voltage sensing for low power consumption and low EMI emissions enables new applications to be served.
  • Redefined sensor fusion and channel sharing with a single controller. Enables simultaneous operation of touch display area, buttons, sliders and/or dials, replacing mechanical switches with functions on the edge, top or backside of a device. Sensors can now share multiple channels, and reuse of channels, with software definition of multiple sensing functions via a programmable touch controller. Data through touch is now possible opening new unique user experiences.
  • Redefined thin for foldable OLED designs or new sensor materials such as PEDOT high optical quality solutions. Reliable touch operation on a flexible sensor that is foldable. Touch operation without degradation at the folding point (crease) while in folded position, as well as when the touch sensor is folded. Adaptive Noise Cancelling provides a new level of noise tolerance and touch SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) not previously possible. Robust operation of thinner OLED displays with smaller foldable radius, higher performance with pen support can now be a reality.

About SigmaSense

SigmaSense invented a foundational technology that transforms the interactions between digital systems and the physical world, ushering in a new era of radically enhanced digital sensing. SigmaSense software defined sensing achieves breakthrough levels of speed, accuracy, resolution, and noise immunity previously deemed impossible for sensing systems. Sensing through the noise, SigmaSense products increase the depth and quantity of data that can be captured from the physical world to enable exciting new experiences in a wide range of devices including mobile, automotive, battery sensing, digital signage, wearables, and all sizes of IoT touch displays. SigmaSense is funded by strategic investors including NXP, Foxconn, LG-MRI, E ink, Corning, and GIS. SigmaSense is headquartered in Austin, TX, with offices in Boise, Idaho and Taipei, Taiwan.

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