Popular Open Source CMS Strapi First to Release Content Internationalization Free and Without Limitations in Community Edition

Strapi’s rapid growth continues with more than 3.5 million downloads, 35,000 Github stars adding customers Rakuten, AECOM, and Toyota

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#cmsStrapiConf 2021 Strapi, backer of the world’s leading open-source “headless” content management system (CMS), today announced the release of Strapi v3.6, including the much anticipated Content internationalization (i18n) feature in the Community Edition. Community users can now manage their content in multiple languages for free and without limitations.

“With Strapi v3.6, we are renewing our commitment to open-source innovation and giving the Global Strapi Community the power to easily create and manage content in multiple languages, so they can localize and personalize their content to deliver the right messages to each of their target audiences,” said Pierre Burgy, co-founder and CEO of Strapi. “With such strong growth of the Strapi platform, we expect to be doubling our team by this time next year, driving even more innovation.”

At StrapiConf, the company also shared a sneak peek of the Strapi v4 the team is currently developing. This new version will include a brand new design system and core APIs allowing the broader ecosystem to easily create and maintain new plugins.

With more than 35,000 stars on GitHub, 600 contributors, more than 3.5 million downloads, Strapi is the fastest growing Node.js CMS. Only nine months after the release of its Enterprise Edition, the company is seeing significant revenue growth, tripling customer count in Q1 2021 with many Global 2000 companies across all industries such as Rakuten, AECOM, Toyota, and eBay.

“At Rakuten, our goal is to embrace tech innovation and empowerment to achieve great levels of operational agility,” said Francois Duprat, CPO at Rakuten France. “Our partnership with the Strapi team enables us to give more flexibility and velocity to our product, marketing and customer care teams to manage content on the platform.”

“Our business is built on our capacity to transform how people think, feel and behave to improve the performance of the companies they work for,” said David Lush, CTO at MindGym. “We look at every technology decision we make through that lens to make sure we optimize for performance. With Strapi Enterprise Edition, we’ve been able to ship new products to market in times I haven’t experienced elsewhere.”

Strapi gives developers the freedom to integrate their favorite tools while reducing hosting and development costs. As a “Headless CMS”, Strapi provides “backend” functionality for web and mobile applications or any type of IoT devices. It is also particularly suitable for websites designed according to the Jamstack model (JavaScript, API and pre-rendered markup, without web servers). Strapi is designed to work with the most popular front-end frameworks including React, Gatsby, Vue.js, Next.js or any other static site generator, and it supports many databases and can be requested using both REST and GraphQL APIs.

With the Content Internationalization (i18n) feature, Community users are now able to:

  • Create multilingual websites or apps: Users can easily create and manage content in multiple languages and for multiple locales in Strapi.
  • Personalize and localize content: Users are now able to customize messages and content delivered to each target audience taking into account their language and geographical location. They are able to customize the content that is displayed for each locale of their content types.
  • Set up efficient publishing workflows: Through integrations with the Draft & Publish system and the Role Based Access Control feature, users can manage editing and publishing permissions per locales in their admin panel.
  • API evolution: Strapi has updated the API to let the users fetch content by the locale.

Read the Strapi blog to learn more about the Content Internationalization feature available today in Strapi 3.6.

About Strapi

Strapi is the leading open-source Headless CMS giving developers the freedom to use their favorite tools and frameworks while helping editors easily manage their content and distribute it to any devices or channels. The remote-first company has offices in Paris and San Francisco, scaling its team globally. To learn more, visit strapi.io.

Strapi, Inc. is a venture backed by Index Ventures, Accel and Stride.VC as well as notable angel investors and open-source experts.


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