ORBAI to Introduce and Demonstrate Human AI— Powering a Holographic Bartender—at Singularity University Global Summit 2019

New Human AI Technology to Power Holographic Employees and be Licensed as a Speech Interface for Home, Devices and Automobiles

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ORBAI, a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, will preview their new Human AI at Singularity University Global Summit 2019, taking place August 19-21, 2019 in San Francisco. The new Human AI technology has advanced spiking neural networks* that power speech, vision and animation. At the booth, “James,” the holographic bartender will come alive and appear more human when people interact with him. For example, attendees will be able to ask James for advice and order a mixed drink. James will be serving eight different cocktails using a Barbotics drink mixer.

As well as deploying their Human AI in ORBAI’s Holographic Employees, the technology will be licensed as a speech interface for home, devices and automobiles. The technology can also be used to customize a personality or follow an individual throughout their entire day while at the same time learning how to relate to that person and grow more intelligent every day.

“There are many advantages for organizations wanting to engage with their customers using Human AI technology,” said Brent Oster, president and CEO at ORBAI. “Unlike humans, AI employees can instantly access enormous product and service databases and respond to voice queries using voice information. They can work 24/7/365, don’t tire of answering the same repetitive questions, and they can be trained to mimic the characteristics of the company’s best employees, and then can be replicated to many branch locations.”

The Human AI technology at the foundation of these Holographic Employees uses spiking neural networks, which functions more like our brain does and learns like it. They are more challenging to author and train than today’s deep neural networks so ORBAI is developing the NeuroCAD tool-chain, using the company’s patented process for designing, training and evolving spiking neural networks to specific functions such as vision, speech and motor control.

For more information on ORBAI, please visit: www.orbai.com.

ORBAI on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/orbai/

*= Spiking neural networks (SNNs) consist of technology that is designed to closely mirror the brain’s natural neural network. SNNs incorporate models of neurons that emit discrete spiking signals, which travel along connections to other neurons, gated by synapses that change and learn while the network is operating, allowing these networks to learn like us through observation, experience and practice.


Singularity University (SU) is a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build a better future for all. SU’s collaborative platform empowers individuals and organizations across the globe to learn, connect, and innovate breakthrough solutions using accelerating technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital biology. A certified benefit corporation headquartered in Silicon Valley, SU was founded at NASA Research Park in 2008 by renowned innovators Ray Kurzweil and Peter H. Diamandis with program funding from leading organizations including Google, Deloitte, and UNICEF.


ORBAI develops next generation artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This includes conversational speech interfaces that learn over time and artificial vision systems that learn to see and identify objects in the world as they’re encountered. In addition to AI employees, the company’s Human AI technology is being developed for robots, drones, cars, toys, consumer electronics and homes to better help them truly perceive the world around them and truly become artificially intelligent.


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