Numbase CEO and Previous Shazam Investor, Ayman Zakaria Jomaa, Joins Board of PHION Technologies

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Numbase Group founder and Chairman Ayman Zakaria Jomaa has been elected to serve on the board of directors of PHION Technologies, a company specializing in over-the-air wireless power transmission.

In addition to Jomaa’s board seat with PHION, Numbase Ventures (the investing arm of Numbase Group) led PHION’s pre-seed financing round, proceeds from which will be used to further development of the technology in order to make it available to the market as soon as possible.

Mr. Jomaa, through Numbase, is a serial entrepreneur in the mobile and technology sectors, having established and invested in a large number of startup companies since 2003. He was an investor in Shazam, the world’s leading music identification app through one of his companies and he is the founder of Muzeit, HereYouGo, and PlayHolding.

“PHION is excited to welcome the Numbase Group as a lead investor in our first funding round. As PHION advances the development of its over-the-air wireless charging platform, Numbase’s network in telecom and device manufacturer markets will strongly support our go-to-market strategy. Due to the clear value they can bring to the company beyond direct investment, we have invited Numbase CEO Ayman Jomaa to join our board of directors. We look forward to their input and contribution to the work ahead,” said PHION CEO Jonathan Nydell.

Numbase Group is an international mobile value-added services provider, serving millions of customers worldwide. Driven by innovative technologies, predictive data and real time analytics. Numbase develops and markets cutting-edge engagement and digital solutions for mobile network operators. The Group also is known to be active on investing & partnering with companies that include SHOUT, C/dialogues, Shazam entertainment, Dealyze Inc. & Beyond Limits AI.

PHION Technologies believes that power should be as freely accessible as data, over distance and without plugs, pads, or cords. PHION have been heavily involved in the Play and Play program ecosystem, selected for IoT, Travel/Hospitality, and Construction/Commercial Real estate accelerator batch programs. Founded in 2017, PHION is developing a wireless charging technology platform to deliver meaningful power safely, over-the-air up to 30 feet, coupled with a highly secure real-time communication link. The platform is designed to wirelessly charge a multitude of devices, simultaneously, from consumer electronics and IoT devices to small robots. As a wireless charging provider, PHION’s technology is designed to integrate easily into partner products and to provide effortless adoption for end-users. The company’s vision is to form the global wireless charging standard by providing the safest, fastest, and most efficient free space wireless technology available.


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