NewSound Looks Ahead to the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CES2021–NewSound, a leading innovator in direct-to-consumer (DTC) hearing aid technology, has pursued development of its Hearable Technology concept since 2014, it rocked the 2020 Consumer Electronics show with its first TWS earbud POCO X also designed to work as a hearing aid.

And it seeks continued inspiration in Hearable Technology with the launch of enhanced version of the POCO X, and introduced the POCO Z, NewSound’s smallest earbud hearing aid, and the ground-breaking BW31 Neckband hearing aid, which support streams TV audio directly.

The POCO Z, NewSound’s smallest earbud hearing aid, is emblematic of this concept, boasting the look of modern, wireless earbuds, and the ability to function effectively for 24-hours on a single charge. The POCO Z’s charging case is just one-half the size of previous versions and it sports a built in power cell that assures full recharging anywhere… anytime.

Featuring a fresh, binaural, headset design profile, NewSound’s BW31 Neckband can satisfy the most discriminating consumers. Its remote microphone, and direct audio streaming capabilities, are compatible with TV, cellphone, or music player.

The POCO X hearable combines design excellence and full connectivity with NewSound’s SOUNDWEARTM application, which allows full control of the device via the user’s smartphone.

As NewSound’s research continues, blurring the line between a hearing aid and a hearable, it is meeting its goal of creating fashionable products that will encourage the hearing impaired to seek help sooner.

About NewSound

NewSound is well into its second decade of service and commitment to the hearing-impaired community and their families, and continues its proud tradition of providing affordable, highly effective, and aesthetically pleasing DTC solutions for hearing loss.


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