Netronix Ventures to Launch 100 Companies in Next Decade

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pioneer internet-of-things (IoT) platform, Netronix,
. announces its accelerator group, Netronix Ventures, to become
the launchpad for innovative IoT companies in the next decade.

“As a result of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Internet of
Things, new companies are able to quickly enter the market,” says Dr.
Vasileios Nasis, CEO of Netronix, Inc. “Netronix provides an IoT
platform that eliminates barriers to entry, reduces concept-to-market
time and R&D costs by over 80 percent, and gives entrepreneurs the
competitive advantage they need to launch.” Companies that can quickly
get their product or services into the market can rest assured of not
only more market shares, but more profit, and exponential growth.

“There is no other IoT platform that allows building other IoT
companies,” says Dr. Gregory Dean, Chief of Pediatric Urology in
Philadelphia and chief operating officer of DriQ,
the latest company to launch from NV. “The astonishing power of
Netronix’s IoT platform is a game changer. This company, my company, is
only possible because of the Netronix ecosystem. I am an example of an
expert in my field of urology with no prior background in connectivity,
who by leveraging Netronix’s technology, is able to leapfrog with a
commercially viable product. It’s less than 6 months later and senior
living facilities are already speaking about the ease of connectivity of
the DriQ, which by the way, is an intelligent diaper system.”

The first company out of the gate – Airthinx
– disrupted the indoor air industry by developing a low-cost product
that offers air quality monitoring at room level by combining reliable
sensors, data mining, and artificial intelligence. The affordable and
scalable IoT solution for continuous and real-time monitoring of air
quality inside any built environment is making a dent in the healthcare,
education, residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial and even
aviation sectors.

Currently, NV is vetting industry leaders to spearhead new IoT companies
to disrupt Industry 4.0. “There are many industry experts who could
improve or disrupt niche markets in their respective industries, yet the
technology component is prohibitive. Netronix Ventures solves this
problem by creating a launchpad for entrepreneurs to turn their ideas
into reality,” says Nasis.

Meet Netronix CEO, Dr. Vasileios Nasis, at Philly
Tech Week on May 7, 2019
during the expert panel discussion,
“5G and the future of wireless connectivity.”
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