Modern Operator Partners with Iron-IQ and WolfePak’s ScoutFDC to Redefine Intelligent Operations

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DigitalOilfield–Iron-IQ and ScoutFDC, powered by WolfePak Software, announced their partnership with Texas-based oil and gas company Greenlake Energy. Iron-IQ, the industry-leading cloud-native SCADA software provider, has joined forces with ScoutFDC, a field data capture platform that streamlines production data management processes, to further Greenlake Energy’s lean and nimble modern operations.

This partnership solidifies Greenlake Energy as a data-driven, modern operator of the future. The combination of data-driven culture, native cloud ecosystem and ESG-conscious engineering designs offer a differentiating storyline for Permian Basin operators.

“Greenlake Energy provided an opportunity to rethink legacy industry challenges and establish a cloud-first ecosystem across the well lifecycle. Strategic partners, Iron-IQ and ScoutFDC, quickly validated our shared vision and became anchor points for our Intelligent Operations program. Wellsite telemetry will be the lifeblood of our operate-by-exceptions workflows and data science initiatives. It was imperative to reevaluate traditional SCADA offerings. Collectively, we are confident this partnership will deliver mobile operator efficiency, reduced GHG intensity and boost operational uptime. We feel this collaborative partnership directly models the way for the responsible, modern operator moving forward,” said Rob Hembree, Greenlake Energy’s VP of Technology.

Field Superintendent of Greenlake Energy, Nick Sanchez shared, “We are carrying forward our commitment as a recognized responsible operator based on a proven track record at Parsley Energy. The low-carbon, low-cost barrel wins the day. This partnership serves as a foundation for intelligent well surveillance and improved incident response. The aligned vision across our teams will help optimize every barrel we produce while simultaneously minimizing emission intensity across our assets.”

Rethinking traditional field data capture was a primary objective. Greenlake Energy aims to digitize key development and production workflows from real-time production surveillance through production accounting reconciliation. The cloud-native and best-in-class field operations platforms enable digital workflow and integration across SCADA alarm rationalization, downtime tracking, and asset maintenance. All are counter to antiquated legacy E&P solutions.

“Every competitive energy producer should have SCADA,” said Iron-IQ CEO Michael Ligrani. “However, most SCADA Systems are not built for tomorrow,” Ligrani explained. “The best operators understand that SCADA and access to data have become a critical part of their business. The tough part until now is ensuring whatever SCADA System you invest in will be more capable and easier to use in the future. We’ve rethought how modern SCADA architecture looks and performs, and we’re changing the way SCADA is implemented in the oil and gas industry. We are the future platform.”

As the oilfield becomes more digital, combined with ever-increasing data volumes and measurement complexity, many other energy companies are struggling to continuously manage it. With the changing landscape of environmental regulations and the need for on-demand data, switching to a cloud-native and mobile-first solution is a necessary step in the evolution of how E&Ps will operate in the future.

“Greenlake Energy and like-minded operators are establishing the blueprint for modern systems, and Scout is proud to be a part of that foundational solution,” said Paul Marino, GM of ScoutFDC, a division of WolfePak Software. “By leveraging Scout for data collection, production surveillance, incident response, and ESG events, Greenlake is positioned to scale as a responsible operator without the burden of legacy systems. We have big things in store for our relationship with Greenlake and are excited to work with this team.”

The future of SCADA and field data management is being led by Iron-IQ and ScoutFDC with modern operators like Greenlake Energy setting the pace for the rest of the industry. To learn more about Iron-IQ and to schedule your demo, reach out to us at or call at 877-664-9355. To learn more about ScoutFDC, please visit

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