Internet of Things Consortium Welcomes Creator to Elite Roster of Members Committed to Driving the Internet of Things Forward

Premier business development association for IoT ecosystem adds fan-tech pioneer of smart products that are changing the way sports fans engage with teams and brands

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC), the premier business development association for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, is pleased to announce the addition of Creator to its esteemed member roster, which includes leading founders, executives and global IoT companies from within and beyond the technology sector. A global pioneer in fan-tech, Creator works with brands like AB InBev, Coca Cola and Telstra to design, develop and manufacture smart products that not only connect sports fans to their favorite teams but also create unique user experiences in the home.

In addition to project managing millions of connected devices globally, Creator is inventing new fan experiences with the world’s biggest teams and brands through smart devices. While sports fans represent a significant portion of the population in many countries, less than 1% actually fill stadiums. That’s why Creator focuses on the other 99%. Developing a killer user experience (UX) for IoT and Smart Home, Creator is building the world’s first in-home fan-tech engagement and activation platform centered around Win The Home Game. As teams and sponsors look for new ways to engage with the next-gen fan, Creator is opening a new, direct digital channel from teams and brands to fans homes and hearts.

“We are proud to partner with an innovator bringing a lifestyle approach to the IoT market,” says IoTC Founder and CEO Greg Kahn, who Inc. and others have named a principal influencer pushing the boundaries of IoT. “As more products are connected to the Internet, there will be new opportunities for companies to connect with consumers worldwide. Creator’s platform addresses a legitimate use-case of sports fans, giving brands invested in innovation a new smart channel to engage audiences directly in the home.”

“As fans, we all want more,” says Creator’s Co-founder and CEO Travis Crothers. “Our team is working on some game-changing products due for release in 2020 that will provide more access, more information, more experiences. Particularly as teams and sponsors search for new ways to give their fans a 360-degree experience, we think that our devices and platform will certainly bridge the gap.”

Since 2016, the IoTC has united the most powerful and influential executives at a succession of meetings and VIP events. The leading association advancing consumer and industrial IoT, consortium members form strategic partnerships, share knowledge and best practices to help educate consumers and the broader business community while tackling industry roadblocks for IoT products and services to cross the chasm of early adoption to mass market. On November 12, 2019, IoTC took this to another level with the launch of IoTC NEXT: The Connected Future Summit, where brand executives, technology leaders, investors and top media committed to the development, integration and implementation of connected technology came together at TheTimesCenter in New York City to share experiences and new ideas, build impactful partnerships, spur creativity and ignite the growth of the IoT marketplace in five key verticals: connected homes, autos, cities, retail and wearables.

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About the Internet of Things Consortium

The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) is the premier business development association for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. It is comprised of executives, leading founders and global companies in IoT. The IoTC’s mission is to ignite the growth of the IoT marketplace by leading the industry’s effort through strategic partnerships. The organization focuses on five key verticals: connected homes, autos, cities, retail and wearables.


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