Imagine Wireless, a Strategy & Technology Consulting Firm, Announces a New Research Paper Describing the Overall CBRS Private LTE Business Opportunity

 CBRS Private LTE is a $20B revenue opportunity in the United States – substantially more than previously forecasted

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#5G–Imagine Wireless Managing Partners’ Norman Fekrat and Shahid Ahmed announce a new research paper addressing the overall market opportunity for Private LTE (PLTE). This research paper addresses the total revenue opportunity for Service Providers, Network Equipment Providers (NEP), and other Solution Providers looking to enter the network-as-a-service (NaaS) business.

CBRS 3.5GHz spectrum represents 150MHz of shared spectrum offered to anyone who wants to build a secure Private LTE network. The spectrum has two tiers of licensing options – GAA (free) or PAL (licensed). The auction for licensed tier PAL starts on July 23, 2020. Imagine Wireless’s ‘bottom-up’ research focused on specific industry verticals and their associated enterprise use cases.

The most significant finding is the overall market size, which is forecasted to be $20B in the United States. Previous estimates were in the range of $8 – 10B. The key gaps relative to previous forecasts were in the areas of Professional Services and Integration, Device Edge Cloud Management, End-to-End Security Management, and Managed Services. Additionally, the findings deduce that Industrial Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Hospitality verticals make up 80% of the overall market. Video is the most noteworthy use case across all verticals. Video in the Private LTE context is more than a monitoring application. It is now widely accepted as a viable substitute for IoT sensors. For example, AI-based image processing cameras can monitor machine defects, body temperatures at airports, traffic management, and support many other use cases.

Imagine Wireless Managing Partner Norman Fekrat said today: “We believe potential PAL auction bidders should adapt their business cases to holistic needs of an enterprise-grade private secure network.” He added, “Accordingly, we believe the dollar per MHz per POP will be higher than previously estimated. The industry has been waiting patiently until this point; Private LTE is the beginning of the 5G revolution resulting in a significant increase in spectrum utilization and monetization.”


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