Hyperion Expands Its Scientific and Technical Advisory Board

  • Hyperion Metals appoints world leading materials scientist and inventor Dr. Kesh Keshavan to its Scientific and Technical Advisory Board.

  • Dr. Keshavan is a distinguished materials scientist with an outstanding track record of progressing technologies from invention through to full commercialization. Dr. Keshavan has deep industrial experience as a Technology Advisor to Schlumberger, and as a Director and Vice President of Schlumberger companies.

  • The role of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board is to guide Hyperion’s technical and scientific project development activities for zero-carbon critical mineral supply chains.


CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$HYP #rareearthsHyperion Metals Limited (ASX: HYM) (“Hyperion” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce the strengthening of the Company’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Board (“Advisory Board”) through the addition of Dr. Kesh Keshavan.

Dr. Kesh Keshavan, PhD, is a pre-eminent materials scientist with a background in industry and a track record of inventing and commercializing new technologies. Dr. Keshavan has 30 years’ experience in the field of Superhard materials, holds over 200 patents and is the recipient of “Most Cited Author; The Institute for Scientific Information”.

Dr. Keshavan is currently the President of Blacksand Technology LLC and the Director of Development for SuperMetalix, Inc., an R&D company that created and commercialized the synthetic superhard material Tetride, a tungsten boride composite 10x harder than steel. Dr Keshavan previously served as a Director, Materials Engineering for Smith Bits (a Schlumberger company); Technology Advisor for Schlumberger’s Drilling Group; Vice President for the Advanced Materials Group at SII Mega Diamond and Vice President for GeoDiamond Engineering & Manufacturing.

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Bangalore University, a B.S. in Metallurgy from the Indian Institute of Science, and a Master’s and PhD in Materials Science from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Keshavan is a Member of the American Society for Metals, the American Society for Testing and Materials, the Society for Petroleum Engineers International and is the Director of the R&D Technical Committee – Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Commenting on the addition to the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board, Anastasios Arima, Managing Director of Hyperion Metals said:

“I am extremely pleased to have Dr. Keshavan join Hyperion Metals’ Scientific and Technical Advisory Board. With his decades of experience as a senior executive and outstanding track record as a scientist and prolific inventor, Dr. Keshavan will be invaluable to Hyperion as we scale and commercialize the breakthrough HAMR low-to-zero carbon titanium metal and powders technology.

Dr. Keshavan’s appointment demonstrates that we are rapidly building a team of America’s leading materials scientists that intend to transform the low carbon metals and 3D printing sectors. This team, and the breakthrough HAMR technology has the potential to accelerate the penetration of titanium metal and powders into the space, aerospace, EV, medical and defense sectors.”

Regarding his appointment and association with Hyperion Metals, Dr. Keshavan added:

“I am delighted to be working with the Hyperion Metals team. For the past forty years I have been actively involved in the research, invention, and commercialization of cutting-edge performance materials. The HAMR technology offers the potential to revolutionise the high-performance metals and powders markets with the lower energy, lower carbon and lower cost production of superior titanium metal”.

This announcement has been authorised for release by the Managing Director.

About Hyperion Metals

Hyperion’s mission is to be the leading developer of zero carbon, sustainable, critical material supply chains for advanced American industries including space, aerospace, electric vehicles, and 3D printing.

The Company holds a 100% interest in the Titan Project, covering nearly 4,000 acres of titanium, rare earth minerals, high grade silica sand and zircon rich mineral sands properties in Tennessee, USA. The Titan Project is strategically located in the southeast of the USA, with low-cost road, rail and water logistics connecting it to world class manufacturing industries.

Hyperion has secured an option for the exclusive license to produce low carbon titanium metal using the breakthrough HAMR technology. HAMR was invented by Dr. Z. Zak Fang and his team at the University of Utah with government funding from ARPA-E. The HAMR technology has demonstrated the potential to produce titanium powders with low-to-zero carbon intensity, significantly lower energy consumption, significantly lower cost and at product qualities which exceed current industry standards.

Hyperion has signed an MOU to establish a partnership with Energy Fuels that aims to build an integrated, all-American rare earths supply chain. The MOU will evaluate the potential supply of rare earth minerals from Hyperion’s Titan Project to Energy Fuels for value added processing at Energy Fuels’ White Mesa Mill. Rare earths are highly valued as critical materials for magnet production essential for wind turbines, EVs, consumer electronics and military applications.


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