DCmobility Accelerates Company’s Growth with Support of 5G Network Testing in Several U.S. Metropolitan Markets

Company’s Next-Generation Testing Tool, Volcano, Provides Tier-1 Carriers Up To 20X Improvement in Cost and Time Efficiencies on 5G Network Testing

VIENNA, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#5GDCmobility, a professional services firm skilled in the development and deployment of wireless services, networks and products, announces today its innovative network and device-testing solution, Volcano, is being successfully utilized to ensure true network performance levels by major Tier 1 carriers in several U.S. markets to test the companies’ 5G networks as they rollout nationwide.

Volcano is a next-generation network- and device-performance measurement platform created for telecommunications providers that allows for centralized, scripted control over a fleet of devices while significantly reducing the human capital costs associated with field testing. Its ability to execute test campaigns and scripts that have been developed from a central controller results in a true simulation of the user experience. Volcano enables carriers to leverage devices already deployed in the field to benchmark network performance quickly and accurately without engaging costly tools and other resources.

DCmobility’s Volcano has played an integral role in Sprint’s 5G rollouts of New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Kansas City. “Our team was onsite, riding side-by-side with Sprint’s test engineers and leadership during many of these market launches,” says DCmobility CEO and Partner, Kamlesh Lele. “As telecom veterans ourselves, we know the importance of customer service, flexibility and customization, and have built Volcano around these principles.”

Volcano’s licensing model is another one of the ways that the company is differentiating its service. “Many of the commercial testing systems out there today are rigid and don’t provide the flexibility that carriers need,” continues Lele. “The costs associated with device turnover within these fixed-license agreements are substantial. With Volcano, customers can easily and cost-effectively transfer licenses to other devices—which is essential, given a constantly evolving technology industry.”

As DCmobility continues to support Sprint’s 5G market rollout, the company is developing other Volcano use-cases for customers outside of the commercial telecom market as well. The company is currently in discussions with satellite, broadband and government organizations to customize Volcano to meet the unique demands of each industry.

About Volcano

Volcano is a network performance measurement platform that allows for centralized, scripted control over a fleet of devices—resulting in a true simulation of the user experience. First launched in 2014 for the government of Mexico, it enables providers to test the new with the existing, including new services such as 5G- and IoT-based solutions. Customizable to meet the needs of many use cases, Volcano provides the flexibility, scale, speed and operational efficiencies that companies need to compete in today’s marketplace. For more information, visit Volcanotester.com.

About DCmobility

DCmobility is a specialized professional services firm with a depth of strategic, analytical and technical expertise in wireless communications. With over 20 years of industry experience, the company’s team of experts are skilled in the development and deployment of wireless communication services, networks and products for business and government. For more information, visit DCmobility.com.

Trademarks & Patents

The Volcano logo is a registered trademark of DCmobility Holdings LLC. Volcano holds a U.S. patent, number 10285084, for Apparatus, System and Method for Testing of Communication Networks.


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