Coronavirus Spreading Makes People Stay at Home and Communicate on Social Platforms Like TopTop

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The new Coronavirus (covid-19) spread in China since January and spreads internationally now, including the Middle East. With the rising of numbers of people who chose to stay at home to avoid infection, the economy faces challenges. But at the same time, some chances for developing entertainment products on the internet are emerging like TikTok, TopTop, and others.

On March 4th at 12 PM, it was confirmed that a total of 2550 cases got infected with Coronavirus in the Middle East. And Iran was the most affected country, as its cases reached 2336 infections and 77 deaths. Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, KSA, and other GCC countries reported confirmed cases.

Because the situation is getting more dangerous, people traveled less in the last period days, foreigners have diminished in places like Bahrain and UAE, and schools are closed in some areas. Because of the people who spend more time at home, the traffic on online entertainment applications got raised surprisingly.

For example, TopTop, which is an app for social games, includes a lot of users who spend much time using the application and playing. Looking at the numbers, we can say that there is 60% increase when compared to January in Bahrain as when the spread of the virus got Intensified, the downloads in any day during last week was triple or four times more than before.

TopTop is one of the most popular gaming social applications in the Arabic-speaking areas. It represents an online board game club, where you can enjoy games like Ludo and Dominos, which allows users to play with friends in a private room or meet new friends. TopTop is challenging, so encouraging, and provides a unique social experience.

It is said that TopTop is designed especially for Arabs, hence, it’s the second most downloaded application on Google Play in Oman and one of the most five downloaded applications in KSA, Kuwait, and Bahrain.


Abdullah Sakr

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