Cloudleaf Adds Supply Chain Leaders, Frank Jones and Tim Harden, and Silicon Valley Investor, Skip Glass, to Board of Advisors

Support of supply chain and IoT thought leaders fuels Cloudleaf’s vision of supply chain digitization

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cloudleaf, Inc., an emerging leader in digital supply chain solutions, providing end-to-end transparency from materials through to customer delivery, today announced three new appointments to Cloudleaf’s Corporate Board of Advisors:

  • Frank Jones, former Intel vice president of Internet of Things (IoT) and general manager of operations and program management;
  • Tim Harden, former AT&T president of supply chain and fleet operations; and
  • Skip Glass, Union Square Advisors managing director and former operating partner with Foundation Capital.

“We’re honored to have such an accomplished group of experts across IoT and supply chain join our advisory board; their diversity reflects the coming digital transformation of supply chain management,” said Cloudleaf Chief Executive Officer Mahesh Veerina. “At Cloudleaf, we see digitizing the entire supply chain yields greater efficiencies for our customers, reveals opportunities for value creation and greatly improves operations.”

The world is realizing the prominent role that the supply chain plays in business and increasing strategic value. Harvard and MIT researchers estimated in 2017 that supply chain-reliant industries comprise more than 37 percent of all U.S. jobs.

“Cloudleaf is creating more endpoints and nodes of analytics across the supply chain, enabling access to an ocean of data insight,” said Frank Jones. “Making sense of that data and applying actionable insight through IoT, such as with Cloudleaf’s Digital Visibility Platform, provides a strategic and comprehensive vantage point of a company’s operations.”

Frank Jones held key leadership roles at Intel for over three decades, working across Intel’s $70 billion supply chain. He led in the architecture of major advancements in Intel’s global supply chain across its various functions from materials to delivery. In IOT, he drove the organization’s Operational Excellence, including overall business operations and program management of all R&D programs.

“Cloudleaf is standardizing access to ever expanding supply chain solutions, across indoor and in transit operations,” said Tim Harden. “By monitoring and tracking each key step in the supply chain including capital assets, materials, logistics and work-in-progress (WIP), Cloudleaf is strengthening the intelligence and flexibility of the supply chain and able to recognize more opportunities for value creation.”

Tim Harden was responsible for all supply chain functions within AT&T including strategic sourcing, purchasing, supplier diversity, supply chain logistics, distribution and fleet management for six years. Prior to that he was president and CEO of AT&T West, a $18 billion operation of nearly 40,000 employees.

“Supply chain will increasingly be a measure of business diligence for companies across all industries,” said Skip Glass of Union Square Advisors and Foundation Capital. “We see broad applicability and are interested in how Cloudleaf creates opportunities for the companies it works with.”

Skip Glass has more than twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor to dozens of application software, networking, and security companies. Skip was instrumental in helping to create over $6 billion in market cap for four startups where he was part of the senior management team and another $6 billion in market cap for companies that he advised while working for Foundation Capital. He is currently working with Union Square, a boutique investment bank, and advising a small number of startups including Cloudleaf.

These three new advisors join some of the world’s most respected supply chain authorities on the Cloudleaf Corporate Board of Advisors. The complete list can be found here.

About Cloudleaf

Cloudleaf’s mission is to create significant value across the end-to-end supply chain network by dramatically increasing visibility of product flow and condition. Cloudleaf customers leverage that improved visibility to increase revenues, reduce material losses and enhance the reliability of operations. Cloudleaf customers achieve improvements in supply chain visibility of as much as 5x, first-year return-on-investment of as much as 70x, and annualized value in the tens of millions of dollars.

The Cloudleaf Supply Chain Digital Visibility Platform™ is a powerful combination of IoT, artificial intelligence/machine learning and advanced analytics that delivers comprehensive, real-time, end-to-end insights into supply chain operations — from suppliers, through production and distribution — to customers. Processing billions of events per second, Cloudleaf technology creates a digital twin of the supply chain and enhances operations and integrated business planning systems with real-time delivery of diagnostic and predictive insights. See for additional company information.


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