Carrot Rewards Program Re-Launched as Optimity; First Published User Survey Reveals Canadians’ Perspectives on the Flu Vaccine

Insights from Optimity app user survey finds that 38% believe the flu vaccine can cause flu; and 27% are not planning to get a flu shot this year, while 43% have already been vaccinated

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CarrotRewardsOptimity Inc., a mission-driven technology company focused on improving population health, has revamped the health rewards app previously known as Carrot Rewards, officially re-launching it today as Optimity. This new version of the consumer-focused Optimity app incentivizes users for reaching step targets and completing short quizzes that provide education on body, mind, and finance topics ranging from COVID-19 safety education, early screening for diseases, mental health awareness, and smart financial wellness education. Optimity is available for download by Canadians across the country from the App Store and Google Play. A French version will be launched in early 2021.

The Optimity app, which began beta testing in mid-2020, is currently rolling out to the 1M legacy Carrot Rewards user community and the 500,000 additional consumers that signed up for the wait list. In November, while undergoing beta testing, the app reached #1 in the app store for health and wellness multiple times.

“Living through a pandemic has prompted Canadians from coast to coast to prioritize their own health status,” says Jane Wang, founder and CEO of Optimity Inc. “Optimity is heavily investing in supporting that journey across five pillars of health – physical, mental, financial, nutritional, and social – and rewarding lasting change in consumer behaviour through scientific approaches to micro-education and gamification. By distributing important information this way, we are promoting choices that are healthier and better for individuals, their communities, and the planet.”

Insights from the Optimity 2020 Canadian Flu Survey

Through its app, Optimity captures valuable, anonymized insights on consumer sentiment on a variety of topics. The company recently completed a survey of app users to uncover insights about influenza (flu) knowledge, as well as attitudes and behaviours around vaccinations. The Optimity 2020 Canadian Flu Survey was conducted over a one-week period (from November 24, 2020 to December 1, 2020), and had 22,465 respondents from across the country. Following are highlights from the survey:

  • 46% of those surveyed got the flu shot in 2019. Of those, 44% received the flu shot in a doctor’s office and 56% received it at a pharmacy.
  • The top reasons for not getting a flu shot in 2019 include: (1) prefer not to get optional vaccines; (2) forgot to get one; (3) don’t believe that it protects from the flu.
  • A staggering 38% believe that the flu vaccine can give you flu.
  • 43% have gotten the flu shot this year in preparation for the 2020 flu season.
  • 27% are not planning to get the flu shot this year.
  • 22% intend to get the flu shot this year but are delayed due to supply shortages or are waiting for an appointment.
  • Factoring in those who have already received the flu shot this year or are planning to get one, an estimated 65% of Optimity app users are anticipated to receive the flu shot in 2020 (compared to 46% in 2019), an increase of 19%.
  • 32% could not identify all flu symptoms; while 18% incorrectly thought flu was spread via water-borne or blood-borne droplets.

Anonymized health insights generated from the Optimity user community, such as the Optimity 2020 Canadian Flu Survey, will enable ecosystem partners to more efficiently and effectively manage population health and support holistic well-being for Canadians.

“Our app is an interactive and efficient digital channel for aggregating anonymized, real-time feedback and forward-looking sentiment data from our user community on specific health topics,” explains Wang. “At a time when so many organizations are now focused on how best to deliver products, solutions, and information that impact society for good, we have beneficial insights that can be shared with our partner ecosystem to help them achieve their social development goals (SDG) or environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) objectives.”

Optimity: the Evolution of Carrot Rewards

Since 2014, Optimity Inc. has been delivering health rewards programs to enterprise employees and insurance policyholders in partnership with some of the largest organizations and insurance providers. Its acquisition of Carrot Rewards in December 2019 positioned Optimity to extend its health programs to consumers, leveraging the Carrot model of using micro-incentives to form long-lasting positive habits.

The all-new Optimity app is built on the robust technology architecture that supports Optimity’s premium enterprise features, some of which may be offered in the future as premium features of the app. All educational content featured in the app is developed using evidence-based science and behavioural models.

The Optimity app includes:

  • Step Tracking: Using a smartphone, Fitbit, or Apple Watch, users can track their progress and earn more rewards by maintaining multi-day streaks.
  • Learn & Earn: Users are prompted to make healthier choices through quizzes and informative did-you-know facts.
  • Step-together Challenge: 7-day challenge where users and a friend can collaboratively earn more rewards for hitting step goals together.
  • Rewards: Through partnerships with some of the most popular consumer loyalty brands in Canada, Optimity users can exchange points (gems) earned in the app for loyalty points, limited-time-only gift cards, or to enter raffles for big prizes.

Doubling Down with Multiple Rewards and More Partners

The Optimity app has doubled down on the hedonistic rewards previously offered by Carrot Rewards to better incentivize daily health actions through rewards for more mundane, healthy choices. The Optimity app lightly nudges users to form healthy habits that are reinforced through rewards. Unlike Carrot Rewards, users of the Optimity app are no longer locked-in to one loyalty point provider and have the flexibility to choose between loyalty points from multiple rewards partners and an exciting mix of prizes, monthly special rewards events, and limited-time-only gift cards.

Optimity will be working closely with ecosystem partners such as other health applications, grocers, retailers, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are aligned with the company’s mission, to improve and support the health of Canadians. The new app is also built for flexible enterprise models, enabling ecosystem partners to white label the program.

The first Optimity ecosystem partners are Petro-Canada, a Suncor business, and More Rewards, both of which are returning Carrot Rewards partners. Petro-Points can be collected each day by those that stay active with the Optimity app and then redeemed for free gas, eGift cards, and more. More Rewards will be connecting with the Optimity community in January 2021. As one of Western Canada’s favourite loyalty programs, More Rewards members can redeem their points for FREE groceries, gift cards, local travel and more.

About Optimity

Optimity is a mission-driven technology company that uses evidence-based behavioural science and gamification to improve population health. The company’s health and wellness solutions for enterprise and consumer markets are developed by leading health experts and backed by more than 30 years of behavioural science research. Optimity Enterprise, the company’s B2B solution, engages large populations in staying healthy and is used by employers and insurance companies in Canada, the U.S., and Japan to drive better health outcomes and longevity for employees and policyholders. The Optimity consumer app (formerly Carrot Rewards) rewards users for walking and completing short educational quizzes focused on the body, mind, and finances. Optimity partners with popular consumer loyalty brands, enabling points (gems) earned in its enterprise and consumer apps to be redeemed towards grocery, travel, and lifestyle rewards. With a reach of over one million Canadians, Optimity is the most popular and trusted health rewards program in the country. For additional information, visit


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