Bryan Brandenburg Launches SimViz AI Biotech Company Zenerchi With $1.2M in Seed Funding

Serial entrepreneur and computer scientist Bryan Brandenburg advances biomedical and life extension simulation and visualization AI technologies at the helm of Zenerchi LLC

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3DBodyVisualization–AI/VR/AR/3D and IoT technologies have come full circle with the formal launch of life extension and biomedical simulation and visualization AI company Zenerchi™ ( Zenerchi is the long-anticipated “stealth startup” endeavor from serial entrepreneur and computer scientist Bryan Brandenburg, who serves as the company’s Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder and CEO.

After several years in development, Zenerchi has raised $1.2 million in seed funding this year from private accredited investors. The company is finalizing an additional $5 million funding round that is currently underway with institutional investors.

The funding will further accelerate a new realm of consumer and business applications centered on Zenerchi’s physiology SimViz AI cloud-based platform. The resulting technology will empower a host of wellness and medical uses that span biomedical and pharmaceutical research, life extension, fitness, wellness, edutainment, exhibitions, and S.T.E.M / S.T.E.A.M education, as well as spawning new advances in medical diagnosis, drug testing, omics, and healthcare. Combined, the industries affected comprise a global economic value of more than $10 trillion.

The Zenerchi SimViz AI Platform™ has the potential to propel each of these sectors into a new realm of visualization, leveraging and converging the most advanced capabilities of simulation, GUI/UX, AI, VR, AR and 3D technology and resulting in new use cases and an entirely new paradigm of technology use.

Zenerchi will unveil its first public-facing tech implementation next year with a simulation visualization AI lab built on leading open source physiology simulation software developed by Stanford University, MIT, Indiana University, Harvard Medical School and the Department of Defense. Additionally, the company has entered into partnerships to produce a series of immersive location based S.T.E.M. edutainment experiences in the Asia Pacific countries, the United States, Europe, and throughout the world beginning in late 2020.

“We are extremely excited the time has come to announce the company we’ve been developing for the past several years,” Brandenburg said. “From our deep experience in cloud platforms, animation, simulation, 3D modeling and software, biomedical and scientific visualization, high performance games, AI, and the viral marketing experience honed and proven through past careers—all of the development and entrepreneurial experience in our team’s collective careers is now culminating in a perfect storm launch and rapid scaling of Zenerchi.”

“The co-founders and core participants in Zenerchi include some of the most talented technologists and leaders from the prior organizations I’ve led or founded,” Brandenburg continued. “Together with this incredible ‘brain trust’ in the U.S. and abroad, combined with world-class physiology open source simulation software partners, we intend to scale the Zenerchi SimViz AI Platform™ for license, joint ventures, and use by our current and future partners at full speed.”

About Zenerchi

Zenerchi, LLC, ( is a private organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with a mission to create the #1 4D human body simulator, 3D/VR/AR visualization and AI cloud platform in the world to empower a new era of uses. The education, diagnostic and business applications for the Zenerchi SimViz AI Platform™ will serve wellness, healthcare and biomedical education, as well as creating visualization capabilities far beyond our current technology realm.

Headed by Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder and CEO Bryan Brandenburg, the company is comprised of a core team of scientific visualization experts, serial entrepreneurs, software and game developers, medical doctors, neuroscientists and cloud and AI technologists who have individually and collectively achieved significant technological, product innovation, and industry milestones in the past.

In a nutshell, the company will provide the applied understanding of human physiology in ways that can impact every aspect of our human existence for good.

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