Bolt Mobility Secures Strategic Investment From Ram Charan

The partnership will accelerate transportation sustainability across the globe.

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bolt Mobility (Bolt), a technology-focused transportation solutions company, known for its leadership in sustainability, today announced an investment from India’s Ram Charan Company.

The undisclosed investment will be used to propel transportation sustainability efforts by bringing cutting-edge solid state battery technology; energy-efficient, metal-like plastics made from recycled waste; and coiless electric motors, to small and personal vehicles across the United States, India, Latin America, and Japan. By replacing small fossil-fuel engines, small electric vehicles will help reduce waste, emissions, and noise pollution.

Bolt also brings to the partnership next-generation IoT smart transportation devices which have the capacity to share data with urban planners, helping cities become more connected, electric, and efficient.

Our partnership with Bolt Mobility, a brand with high standards in performance and sustainability, is an important step forward for Ram Charan and its group companies,” said Kaushik Palicha, Director, Ram Charan. “We will support Bolt’s vision of ensuring sustainability throughout their entire value chain, from quality of energy, quality of materials, and the reach of their mobility devices.”

I look forward to partnering with Ram Charan as we help usher in Transportation 2.0,” said Bolt CEO Ignacio Tzoumas. “Together, we are helping create healthier, more livable cities of the future.”

Bolt has a presence in more than 50 markets across the United States. As transportation habits and needs evolve, Bolt continues to lead transportation innovation, with the launch of MobilityOS, real-time scooter navigation, ergonomic design, swappable batteries, and more.

This B Round investment comes in tandem with investments from a Japanese consortium, including Bolt’s partner IPD, to support manufacturing, IoT, technology development, and expansion in Japan.

About BOLT Micromobility

BOLT Mobility is a transformational personal transportation company committed to ensuring access, equity, and quality of life through micromobility. Co-founded by eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, BOLT Mobility is revolutionizing the way people move, experience their communities, and access employment. Through partnerships with municipalities, universities, and local ownership, Bolt is advancing smarter infrastructure and thoughtfully integrating sustainable and accessible transportation options into the neighborhoods we serve, helping communities thrive. Learn more at


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