BISTel and SK Telecom Announce New GrandView® Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution

A.I. Based APM is Powered by Industry Leading Metatron® IoT Platform

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–BISTel, the leading supplier of engineering automation, and adaptive intelligence (A.I.) applications for smart manufacturing and SK Telecom, Korea’s largest mobile operator, jointly launched today the GrandView® APM on SK Telecom’s Metatron®, the industry’s leading IoT platform that enables enterprise users with domain specific knowledge to analyze and visualize large amounts of data quickly and independently. Launched successfully last week at the AWS Re-invent tradeshow in Las Vegas, GrandView® offers global manufacturers access to exciting data analysis tools and smart manufacturing applications that includes real-time equipment health monitoring and A.I. powered predictive maintenance of factory equipment. These A.I. based smart manufacturing applications create actionable insights that eliminate equipment downtime, reduce maintenance costs by as much as 10x and extend the life of factory equipment.

Metatron® – Powerful Visualization, and Fast Analysis of Large Data

Metatron’s powerful data visualization capability is designed for use by users at all levels of factory operations. Metatron is an enterprise big data platform. For instance, the distributed data processing engine of Metatron searches, explores, prepares, visualizes and analyses massive amounts of data (over 1 billion records) within just a few seconds. In just a few hours of processing and analyzing your data through Metatron’s easy to use UI, users can independently create new insights. Metatron features improved data management through its data lineage management, MDM (master data management), IT managers can manage data resources throughout the enterprise. By monitoring the usage of each table and tracing data flows, users can optimize big data infrastructure resources.

“The Metatron IoT platform enables easy to use analytics and reporting to create intelligence for managers at all levels of the factory which means quicker, and more insightful decision making,” commented W.K. Choi, CEO, BISTel.

“By integrating SK Telecom’s big data analytics and IoT technology with BISTel’s manufacturing and engineering expertise, we developed a solution that’s easily implemented and utilized by manufacturers and equipment providers,” said Chang Hong-sung, Vice President and Head of IoT/Data Business Division, SK Telecom. “Based on our strong partnership, we will pursue measures to innovate the growth of the industrial IoT market and its ecosystem.”

About BISTel’s GrandView® APM

GrandView performs real-time fault detection, fault classification and fault prediction to achieve constant uptime of equipment. Other key features:

  • AI/ deep learning time series data modeling and data prediction
  • Real-time, fault detection, includes early alarm system to prevent failures
  • Data analysis of historical data pinpoints root cause of production issues affecting yield
  • Rapidly connecting factory assets allows engineers to develop and deploy models within 24 hours
  • Time-series database ensure high speed transfer and processing of unlimited data
  • Easy data integration to ERP, MES & supply chain management systems

About BISTel

BISTel is a leading provider of equipment engineering systems (EES) and real-time, adaptive intelligence applications for smart manufacturing. To learn more at

About SK Telecom

SK Telecom is the largest mobile operator in Korea with nearly 50 percent market share. A pioneer of all generations of mobile networks, it has commercialized the fifth generation (5G) network on December 1, 2018 and announced the first 5G smartphone subscribers on April 3, 2019. With its world’s best 5G, SK Telecom is set to realize the age of hyper-innovation, transforming the way customers work, live and play. Building on its strength in mobile services, the company is creating unprecedented value in diverse ICT-related markets including media, security and commerce.


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