Awake Security Advances the Collaboration Between Human and Machine for Faster Threat Protection and Remediation

New platform enhancements provide analysts with deeper access to AI-based security expert system for more efficient risk management decision making

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#NDRAwake Security, the only advanced network detection and response company that delivers answers, not alerts, today announced platform enhancements that allow organizations to interact in new ways with its virtual security analyst, Ava. As the world’s first AI-powered security expert system, Ava delivers relevant threat context to augment the security team’s ability to disrupt an adversary’s objectives regardless of skill level.

“Leading business intelligence tools are adept at surfacing the right data to help decision makers optimize outcomes, and it’s time that security professionals had similar tools at their disposal,” said Rahul Kashyap, President and CEO at Awake Security. “Awake is leading the charge by delivering innovative analytics systems to the security industry. Exposing Ava to end user interactions will empower organizations to improve their security by speeding time to remediation, decreasing workloads, and reducing the costs of having a world-class security program.”

As part of the Summer 2020 release, Ava now includes decision support capabilities that allow analysts to ask for help with an investigation and receive answers to important, yet potentially unsolicited questions they may not even know to ask. This allows security teams to make faster decisions based on a comprehensive view of an attack. The Awake Platform processes billions of signals from an organization’s network, open source intelligence and other relevant sources in real time. Through federated machine learning, Awake preserves privacy and does not force a choice between data sovereignty and cloud scaling.

“Our IT team wears many hats, including security, so it’s critical that the tools we use strengthen our security posture without slowing us down,” said Drazen Vamplin, Director of Information Technology at Semmes Murphey Clinic, a leader in caring for patients with neurological and spine disorders. “We are confident these latest innovations will drive strong and positive business outcomes, especially when combined with Awake’s managed network detection and response expertise.”

Ava’s new collaboration capabilities empower analysts to be more efficient. Similar to using an AI powered voice assistant for directions or recommendations, an analyst can ask Ava to investigate a threat. Ava automatically probes, documents and visualizes the entire scope of the threat and provides response options. What would ordinarily take a skilled, tier 3 analyst a few hours to perform, Ava autonomously completes in minutes. With the decision support data at their fingertips, the security team can then quickly take the appropriate next steps towards remediation.

The platform’s new dashboards provide the right level of information to individual members of a security team depending upon their role. This prevents information overload while optimizing the workflow for every member of the team.

In addition, new and enhanced integrations with third party IT and security solutions, such as ServiceNow, Splunk Phantom and Elasticsearch help automate workflows that free security teams from cumbersome operational tasks.

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About Awake Security

Awake Security is the only advanced network detection and response company that delivers answers, not alerts. By combining artificial intelligence with human expertise, Awake autonomously models and hunts for both insider and external attacker behaviors, while providing triage, digital forensics and incident response across the new network—perimeter, core, IoT and cloud networks. The platform is ranked #1 by EMA for time to value and was recognized as the #1 information security solution being evaluated by global 1000 companies in Enterprise Technology Research’s (ETR) Summer 2019 Emerging Technology Study.

Awake is backed by Greylock Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, Evolution Equity Partners, Energize Ventures and Liberty Global Ventures. Learn more at and follow Awake on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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