Avnet Makes Investment in Defendry’s Artificial Intelligence Solution

Next generation 24/7 active shooter defense platform automates emergency response through AI

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$AVT #AI–Avnet, a leading global technology solutions provider, has invested $2.1M in DefendryTM, a surveillance platform that helps prevent active shooter incidents. Defendry is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) designed to identify and stop physical threats before they enter a building. Defendry was created by serial-tech entrepreneur Pat Sullivan and research scientist Dr. Sean Huver, who saw a way to use advanced technology to reduce the number of tragic shootings in the U.S.

“The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence have the power to solve many of society’s complex problems and make the world a safer place,” said Bill Amelio, Avnet CEO. “We invested in Defendry because there is clearly a need for more advanced surveillance systems, and Defendry’s technology is making great strides in addressing real and serious safety challenges for institutions and businesses alike.”

Defendry recently acquired the AI company Deep Science, and officially launched earlier this year, focusing on places of worship, schools, businesses, and municipalities. Defendry monitors security cameras 24/7, is able to recognize persons carrying a weapon and/or wearing a mask, and initiates an automated emergency response plan to protect the building and people inside. Once a threat has been identified, Defendry will alert authorities, lock doors, and establish a secure communications channel.

“Traditional surveillance has failed to provide active shooter defense,” said Pat Sullivan, founder and CEO of Defendry. “Everything is on camera, but no one is watching, and no one is helping prevent the problem. We have made the system powerful, but still very affordable because virtually everyone needs active shooter defense. We don’t want cost to be an issue given the value of human lives.”

Sullivan added, “Having Avnet as an investor will bring this level of protection to more organizations faster, which means more people protected sooner. Defendry has the ability to save millions of dollars in liability, provide peace of mind for students, worshipers, and employees, and hopefully save many, many lives.”

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About Defendry

Defendry is a next generation, 24/7 active surveillance platform that utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence to prevent and expedite resolution of active shooter situations. For more information on Defendry, visit defendry.com.

About Avnet

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