Althea Announces the “Unlock Connectivity Grant 2022” for a Creative Approach to Connectivity in Challenging Areas Using KeyLTE

CLATSKANIE, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AltheaSmartAlthea announces the “Unlock Connectivity Grant 2022” for a creative approach to connectivity in challenging areas using KeyLTE, a flexible LTE Core solution. This grant will provide up to $15,000 worth of LTE radios and equipment, with supplementary design and planning services provided at no additional cost.

KeyLTE, Althea’s innovative LTE Core solution, revolutionizes the deployment of public and private LTE networks by creating a simple and flexible toolkit for network design and deployment.

Instead of expensive and unwieldy legacy core topologies, KeyLTE networks can be built easily and affordably in a variety of environments. KeyLTE is agile and lightweight enough to embed the EPC (Evolved Packet Core) in the Althea smart router and flexible enough to scale to nationwide deployments.

KeyLTE offers the following benefits:

  • Build Affordably
  • Easy Plug-and-Play Design and Maintenance
  • Build Flexible and Dynamic Deployments
  • Scalable with Cloud or Cloud Hybrid Solutions
  • Althea’s Built In Distance-Vector Routing and Composable Metered Billing Solution

The winning grant application will demonstrate a unique and/or creative solution use case of Althea’s flexible KeyLTE Core, meeting a connectivity pain point and showing a pathway to a heterogeneous network, serving broadband to fixed locations, as well as IoT, smart cities, or agriculture.

“Whether it’s a farming community looking to expand smart and precision ag or a rural area looking to provide connectivity to EV charging stations and remote wild fire cameras, your unique challenges are what we are looking to help you solve,” says Deborah Simpier, CEO and Co-founder of Althea.

Read more about Althea, KeyLTE, and the Unlock Connectivity Grant 2022 application process:

About Althea

Althea has been a leader in broadband solutions since 2018, with networks in 7 states and Ghana. Althea’s smart routing and metered billing platform is a holistic toolkit of “broadband bricks” that empowers multi-entity networks which are flexible enough to be deployed in even the most challenging environments.


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