ACSIS, Inc. Partners with UNIgas to Revolutionize LPG Distribution in Bangladesh

Supply chain visibility solution provider ACSIS, Inc. will help UNIgas optimize management of its fleet of 4 million LPG cylinders using cloud-based track and trace capabilities.

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ACSIS, Inc. today announced that UNIgas, a prominent company involved with LPG Import, Bottling, Sales, Distribution etc. & Manufacturer of LPG Cylinders in Bangladesh, will use the company’s supply chain visibility solutions to optimize filling, distribution, delivery etc. of clean fuel to customers across the country.

As supplies of natural gas dwindle in Bangladesh, households and businesses are turning to LPG (liquified petroleum gas), a clean energy source typically imported from overseas and processed for distribution in cylinders. Loss of those cylinders through inadequate tracking, theft, or fraud poses serious challenges for companies, distributors, dealers and consumers alike, driving up costs, delaying delivery, and compromising safety.

UNIgas provides LPG for high-volume commercial use, large-scale industrial operations, and individual households, where its use has supplanted traditional “Dirty” fuels such as wood, coal, charcoal, and petroleum. The LPG market in Bangladesh is projected to grow in an accelerated way within the next five years, attracting new competitors. As a relatively new entrant, UNIgas wanted to differentiate its LPG distribution model with cutting edge IoT technologies.

ACSIS will provide UNIgas with an end-to-end product track and trace solution using the ACSIS on-premise IoT Gateway together with their cloud-based extended supply chain traceability solution. Fully integrated with the company’s enterprise system, SAP S/4HANA IS O&G HPM, the solution will enable UNIgas to track more than 4 million RFID-enabled LPG cylinders across the supply chain and aggregate that data in real time to anticipate demand, optimize production, and proactively manage their distribution network smartly. The ACSIS solution combines RFID, barcode and mobile technologies to allow full traceability from manufacturing to the end consumer.

“Competition in the LPG market here in Bangladesh is fierce,” said by Mr. Belal Ahmed, CEO of UNIgas. “We needed to differentiate ourselves with superior track and trace capabilities. With their deep knowledge of SAP, and their comprehensive experience with serialization, we knew ACSIS would be the right partner. With ACSIS, we will have the reliability of an on-premise solution, but with the speed and agility that the cloud can bring.”

“We’re extremely gratified to be working with UNIgas to deliver better visibility across one of the largest LPG distribution networks in Bangladesh,” said Jeremy Coote, CEO at ACSIS, Inc. “Our supply chain visibility solutions will help UNIgas optimize fleet management with sophisticated IoT and machine learning technologies. We look forward to helping the company deliver safe, clean fuel, improve customer service, and seamlessly scale operations as they grow their business.”

About ACSIS, Inc.

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About UNIgas

UNIgas is one of the leading distributors of LP gas in Bangladesh. With one of the largest distribution network in Bangladesh UNIgas lead the revolution in LPG distribution and journeyed ahead to become a key player across customer segments including Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Auto LPG.


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