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Eddie Murphy's Daughters Take Selfies in Swimsuits

By Clip Syndicate Eddie Murphy's daughters are on the beach taking selfies in the water while vacationing in Maui. ...Read More »
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GOAL! Blackmagic Design Helps MLS Insider and Columbus Crew SC Connect with Supporters and Gain New Ones

By none A hush falls over the crowd as tension mounts. The referee places the ball just 12 yards away from the goalkeeper, who gingerly sways from side to side, keeping his body loose in anticipation of the split second reaction time he has to make a save. The opponent readies himself, not wanting to give away which section of the net he's aiming for as he gets into position behind the ball. Fans hold their breath as the referee blows the whistle, the kicker launches the ball and the goalie dives... ...Read More »

KnowBe4 ALERT: New Ransomware Spear-phish Uses Dropbox Attack

By Stu Sjouwerman There is a new, highly malicious ransomware strain that only takes one click to infect a workstation. This aggressive ransomware gives the victim a mere 24 hours to pay the ransom in Bitcoin. It's called the "Pacman" ransomware, suggesting pictures of something eating up all files. ...Read More »

How You Can Use WhatsApp For Your Business

By Keith Loria for America's Backbone Weekly WhatsApp could do more for businesses than Facebook or Twitter. ...Read More »

iPhone thief posts selfies to victim's Facebook

By Clip Syndicate An iPhone thief's love for the selfie may lead to her downfall. ...Read More »

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